Changing LFO rate depending on key pressed?

  • I am sure there is a way, at least I hope there is to assign the LFO rate depending on which note you press on your controller? What I am wondering is this, higher notes have the LFO rate play at say 1/16 notes, where as pressing lower keys can slow down the LFO rate to say 1/4 notes. On many, many dubstep and dnb tunes I hear this happening. I know I can automate an LFO rate change at certain times, but this seems really cumbersome. Is there some way to set a range perhaps as to what LFO rate will play when notes from that range are pressed? I would love to have an LFO at 1/16 play when I play a higher note, but when I play lower notes the LFO slows down to say 1/4 or 1/8 from 1/16 to match the 'mood' of the lower notes.

    I hope I am explaining all this properly. If anyone can sort me out I would be eternally grateful.

  • You can set key follow in the edit Lfo screen.
    Or you set this up in the Matrix. For example: Key Follow and Lfo1 Rate. Depending on the intensity you set the lfo rate will decrease or increase. You can not map a certain keys to a certain lfo rates for example c1->1/4, C2->1/6, ... or so you have to find the right intensity/lfo rate setting for a particular key and the other keys will then show a linear relationship between lfo rate and the key pressed. If you want a non-linear relationship you have to make a double assignment in some other slot and assign the slot intensity also to key follow. I guess the latter is not really clear but read the programming analog synthesizer documentation it is mentioned in there. Otherwise ask here again.