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    So what does that say to the person who searched and replied over a year later? lol :P

    IIRC, it's up to the specific DAW being used. I believe Cubase doesn't support this but I haven't check C7 (I really should).
    Logic? haven't used that in years!

    Cubase 7 still and pathetically I might add, does NOT support VSTi sidechaining. They have been talking about integrating this since Cubase 4 like 5 years ago and it never happens. I have completely given up on the idea.

    It is like this every single year since I got my Ti summer of 2009. I never remember it being out before May/June. It will then be buggy and bugs till be fixed around Oct-Dec., just before the next big version if announced and it starts all over again.

    My motherboard with the same NEC based USB 3 chipset does not work well with the Virus either. It either never connects, or even worse, will lock up my computer if I turn on the Virus while it is in the USB 3 port. This is with the latest bios and drivers installed for my system. Unplugging it from the USB 3 ports and into a 2 port solves this.

    ok, it was understood, you are not satisfied from TI2
    what makes you think that we are interested ?

    Try cutting the guy some slack, you have no clue what his reason may be for selling this very newly purchased Virus. It clearly states circumstances beyond his control, not that he does not like it. Maybe he lost his job? Maybe his wife passed away and he needs the money? If you can't help the guy out with a logical answer, keep your nonconstructive post out of the thread to make room for more worthy posts.

    Everyone here gets so bent out of the shape if others don't post googly dribblings about how good the Virus is to them, who cares if you love your Virus off and won't part with it, not everyone is like that.

    It isn't the New Mac books per say, it is the new i7 architecture from Intel and the way they have the USB hubs integrated. I have a PC based on i7 and it is the same. Since last June it barely works and it when it does I have pops and crackles all the time. I haven't touched the Virus in months because of this and have gone solely to samples in Halion 4. I too bought hubs, PCI based USB cards etc. I never had these issues on my 5 year old system, only on the i7. Something changed with the way the hubs are integrated and it isn't for the best for us Virus Ti users.

    too bad :( according to this news from
    just Access Virus TI2, Polar 2Dark Star (built 2009/05) are supported for new features!!!

    If this is truly the case, this is the first time a software update has ever segregated the Ti lineup. In the past, all Virus Ti were able to accept the update and it was noted that Access had no plans to omit the older generation in favour of the newer one. We will see I guess.

    Do remember that it's going to be a long and painful birth with public betas and faulty releases...

    +1. Unless this is somehow miraculously different, every NAMM had a new OS announced and it would be months before even the first release was at hand, only to have people complain over and over about the problems. It would be many more months for another release etc. Things never stabilize until the end of the year, just before the next NAMM arrives for things to start all over again.

    I always wanted to see one additional, freely assignable envelope for use on things like pitch etc without having to worry about it also affected your filter or amplitude of the patch. Having 2 freely assignable envelopes is a real treat!

    As I predicted! No new products from Access this time around.

    For now it's all about forgetting the chase for something new and making use of what's currently available to sit down and MAKE SOME MUSIC.

    +100. VERY well said. I know I personally find it hard and am always chasing the next best thing instead of being content with what I have. I am sure many others are the same. It is good to bring this to perspective so we are all aware of our mental demons and how they can keep us back from being productive.