Multi Mode, Severe Problem

  • Just to say that I haven't done anything, updated or changed any respect to the TI Virus keyboard.
    Was working fine on OS 4.5.3 on Mac using Cubase
    Then, without notice, in Multi mode the keyboard would trigger notes. I updated, downgraded and updated again. No change.
    Repeated this multiple times with every possible combination. MIDI cables in/out, USB cable in/out, audio cables in/out.
    Thought I'd lost my baby, but I did find something that struck me as strange. I found that in Single Mode, the Virus seems to working ok (fingers crossed).
    I'm not keeping my hopes up with OS5, but is there anything I can look at?
    Cheers guys/gals

  • I've experienced something similar in the past (multi mode, stand-alone without USB, only with external MIDI clock coming in thru midi in port, several OS versions). This behavior is very rare and I wasn't able to replicate or further track the issue, but I can confirm that it happens only in multi mode...

  • I know it random and could not be replicated.
    But, was there anything you could remember that may have brought it back to life?
    Or could it be more drastic, like a failing CPU?

  • I don't think it's anything that drastic, my (very wild) guess is that the behavior might be caused by 1) some weird bug in multi mode, 2) problem in keyboard controller or keyboard scanning (so that the main CPU receives false "note on" messages; this might be similar to pots changing values themselves which I've also experienced on Virus), 3) problem in MIDI reception -- all my keyboards are clocked from an external source using good old midi cables and sadly, Virus has notoriously poor MIDI clock reception (even when using only MIDI in port); in cases I remember the arpeggiator was on, so maybe the not-so-stable arp or midi implementation is to blame...?

    The only thing I can say for sure is that this problem occured after leaving the virus turned on and untouched for a longer period of time (like, between the soundcheck and the gig -- the sound man was quite surprised :huh:), if I had to choose the most likely option, I'd go with number 2...

  • Just to make sure I understand these reports correctly: this also happens with nothing at all being connected to the Virus TI at all via Midi or the unit being connected to a computer setup, is this correct? If so, how often did this occur?
    This is definitely nothing I can remember having gotten reported lately.

    Best wishes,
    Jörg Hüttner

  • Yes.
    After the problem was discovered I thought it was my MIDI interface. I checked that and against other synths.
    That was eliminated.
    The downgrades and upgrades were done with nothing plugged in, even phono plugs.
    Still the same.
    Left synth in sleep overnight to see and inprovement. No change.
    Left synth all day today awake, in Multi. No change.
    To sum it up, in standalone, Single mode seems to be normal.
    In Multi mode, no patch sound, just bitcrunch noise on after-touch.
    Also same faulty noise (and partial tone) for all patches when cycling through them
    Could it need a BIOS flash? A failing CPU?
    I please hope it's not gunna kill me
    BTW-I can't gaurantee that my Mac's sleeping pattern had something to do with it,

  • Just to clarify, the only thing that I've experienced is that my virus on very rare occasions triggers random notes, but the sound is OK, no weird noises, nothing like that -- it's exactly like notes played from the keyboard. The only way I noticed that is that I've leaved virus turned on for a longer period of time with an arp hold on.

  • Yes the problem with Multi Mode still exists.
    Single mode works well.
    But still in Multi Mode (even after downgrades and upgrades with no cables plugged in),
    no key strokes trigger notes and just receive noise on all patches.
    Would you think removing/installing the CMOS battery could solve my problem?
    More importantly, could it do more damage?

  • The Multimode is a software controlled function like the Single Mode, so if the unit works fine in Single Mode, I would first try something else:

    - is this happening with every Multi program or just one (or more) in particular ?
    - if this happens with only a particular Multi program, does rebuilding the Multi program on an unused Multi program slot change this behavior?

    Best wishes,
    Jörg Hüttner

  • - is this happening with every Multi program or just one (or more) in particular ?

    Yes, this is happening in all Multi programs, stand-alone or USB.

    - if this happens with only a particular Multi program, does rebuilding the Multi program on an unused Multi program slot change this behavior?

    No, I have still found in Single, it's fine.

    Now in playing around a bit more, there is something wrong with the keyboard controller. In playing a seq in Cubase (MIDI Ch1), then playing either a seq or live keys on MIDI Ch2, the problem exists. Either by cutting the sound out or playing the same tone, even though the patch is completely different. I have quadripple checked the MIDI settings.
    In saying so, I have played with the "Local" and "Multi Channels" settings, and they seem to amplify the fault, or just play about randomly.

    I'm totally lost here, about to do a drop test on it.
    What's next?