When will Reaper DAW be supported??

  • Cockos Reaper has taken off in a big way over the last year... is there a possibility of it being supported by access??? I use it as my main DAW but it has a few issues with VC. I can make it work with tweaks but its not smoooth... normal recording is fine but ASIO is crap using out from Virus... Anyone else want this?????

    Reaper is a great open (ish) source DAW that deserves more collaberation from major synth makers... They just spend MORE time developing improving and making available to the MASS poor musicians amongst us who dont want to be ripped off by Steinberg, Sonar, etc... come on, its old technology with a new GUI??? right???

    Yes i know Access are independant too, and have their own interests at heart (Commercially) but us musicians need equipment & software to inspire us into the NEXT generation and push "us" on too!!.. or music will become a dying art!... and NO ONE WILL BENEFIT!!!

    Soooo... please can we ALL work TOGETHER?? pleeeeease!... ;(