Virus B on computer

  • There was a special OEM version of Sound Diver that came with the Virus. You can ask Access for the download link. Sound Diver was produced by Emagic (Logic), which is bought by Apple. Sound Diver as a product doesn't exist anymore. If you just want to save and load patches/banks you can do that within a decent DAW (that handles sysex). The manuals of DAW and Virus will show you if and how, or Google..
    Additional sounds often come in midi file format (.mid), which can be loaded in your DAW and send to your Virus. For this communication to take place there needs to be a MIDI connection between Virus and PC (both in AND out). There are several (free) sysex managers as well, if your DAW doesn't support sysex. MIDI-OX for example is my "Swiss knife" since like for ever for all my MIDI bottle necks. One of them being able to receive and send sysex. Most other applications are abandoned, because recent synths come with their own solutions and few people still bother directly with this protocol. Finding one (beside MIDI-OX) that actually does work on recent operating systems may not be so easy.

    BTW this is a great example why one should keep an old Pentium PC sitting around with DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95/98 and/or Windows 2000. Not only is it fun to play those old games, it also lets you use these abandoned applications. Although operating systems are getting more sophisticated, they also get dumbed down in some aspects. Nobody really wonders if a security update is for your benefit or "theirs". Some things we are or were doing with our computers in the future will no longer be possible, or very difficult to accomplish. For "security reasons" of course. Look for example how the MIDI section in Windows became buried over time. It feels like "we have to put it in, but let's make it invisible". I have a hard time believing that it is just being ignored. Why then? Hmmm... good question.. Hey, then again I might just be paranoid. ;)

  • There is 2 option aside from sound diver. you can use the Rekon Audio virus editor..its kind of buggy but probably the best if you can get it to work. This is just like having a virus control but its a vst that controls the virus b. There is also 2 other editors that use the ctrlr panel software...same style of vst integration..also buggy and hard to set up right.

    check out…mid=29&vmcchk=1&Itemid=29

  • BTW this is a great example why one should keep an old Pentium PC sitting around with DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95/98 and/or Windows 2000.

    Absolutely, I got 2 of em behind me :-) One is my old music PC wich now has a new drive, a fresh Win98 and double RAM - but: No Sound Diver anymore.

    Well I did not use it for years now, to be honest, but need it now again. I remember I got my Virus prior the SD-Access period, since I did not get a CD at that point of time. I ordered one from Access for around 40,- AFAIR and used it several times - but it is gone. I think it was called CD Virus 4.0 or similar and was a kind of enhanced version of the Emagic Version 3, is that correct?

    Is there a chance to reveal this? I need a Version which operates with either Win98 or XP. On my old CD-Roms, I found a SD Version from Emagic, I never used. It came along with a device, I think. It is labeled to go with W95 only but obviously works in Win XP fine. I could register the Virus B and also some of my sound modules.

    So think, the Access Version might work on XP too?


    update: Found the CD (with that interesting yellow :-) , nstalled it on XP and started scan: Most Patches were found except including Bank A/B - then it crashed. Seems a known Problem:

    Anybody has experiences in running that piece of software in a Virtual Environment on a modern host?

  • XP is what I used for SoundDiver before I got my Virus TI

  • Ok, thanx for the information. For the moment the Access Virus Version seems to crash for some reasons, while the Emagic Version works. It also connects to the Virus and I can edit patches. Both are namend 3.0. (Virus Setup 01.03.2001 9:47)

    In the Internet I found 3.04 on some mirror pages. But they are using download functions which seem to be a bit unsafe to me.

    What looks fine is this here: - but it is for the virus only.