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    I recently switched my system to +4 because I was ignorant to what +4 and -10 was all about. Now it seems that when the virus is set to +4 on my mixer it's output is low in volume. I can set it to -10 but I would think that the snow should be +4??

    I checked the the manual and I can't find anything?

    All virus b and c patches can be used in the ti..I'm not sure about the a but probably. All ti patches can be loaded into the b and c as well. Some patches might not work because of featurs that the b and c don't have. I don't know about the a though.

    The ti has it's own operating system. All the other virus have. Their own os software to but all synths are based on the same core design. This is why patches are compatible with all virus synths.

    I have personally loaded a ti bank into a virus b and most patches worked.

    I had problems with some of the graphics missing in virus control and some other plugins. Sometimes my plugins wouldn't open just a small box like you said. I contacted access support and they told me that it was a ram issue. I'm on a 32 bit system with 4 gigs of ram. Cubase 7.5 is a pig on ram and so it the virus control. Also cubase 7.5 won't open cubase 5 projects very well. They will either crash right away or very soon.

    I was on cubase 5 and now I'm on 7.5 but you have a 64bit system so it's probably not ram. Try starting a new project and see what happens when it starts to get bigger with more vsts. If you get the small box with the x then it's not a ram issue it's the virus control(as I thought before).

    Looking a little better now! Not bad. I'll be on that like a fat kid on fried Chicken once you get the TI introduced. From the looks of it is it even possible to make an editor for all the viruses? Or how about a "mode" switch from virus abc to TI. That would be cool. What about making the editor like the ti virus control but not exactly the same so access won't break your balls.

    Yep just some hypersaw's with heavy detune. You just have to figure out the chords. It's got a few layers though. There is a top and middle not just one single patch.

    Sounds like some nexus presets. Just use different sounding sounds and put each sound at different octaves. This will fatten up the sound. Don't forget to add a bass layer. So the lead will take up the whole spectrum. Add some sausage fattener and if you want to get really nasty buss all the layers and add the sausage fattener and compress the living shit out of them. There you go.

    Poor point blank dude...he looks like he wants to shoot himself....I bet he's thinking wtf is the crap....please no more bangers!!

    Big difference from when he interviewed mike koglin

    I'm going to sell my virus b. I don't have pics yet as I'm just doing this to see if anyone wants it here. It's pretty much mint. I'll post pics later. Everything works 100%.

    I'm not sure what they are going for these days but I'm guessing around $600 or so US.

    I'm in canada and I'll do paypal nothing else.

    Apparently or actually it's a ram problem. From what I got from tech support in so many words was don't use the virus in a 32 bit system. There is not enough ram when your projects get bigger. I think this is dumb. Maybe the virus takes up to much ram. It's a now I have to go spend $200 on ram and reformat my computer and go 64bit just to get the virus to work properly??? No thank you . I'll take the crashes and start printing my tracks.

    Hope this helps others.

    I wasn't 100% sure if it was the virus causing the problem or other plugins. What was happening is that mostly with native instruments vintage compressors the moving parts of the vst would be missing. It would get worse as time goes on in the project and then lead to a crash all the time. Because I have the virus in all my projects I decided to remove it when my NI compressor was missing graphics and as soon as I removed the VIrus from the project the graphics on the compressor are back. I have also noticed that the moving parts of the graphics on the virus control go missing to as time goes on.

    I have upgraded video cards because I was using an integrated one and I thought that was the problem.

    Both problem exist in cubase 5 and 7.5

    In 7.5 it's worse on the virus control more than just the movable graphics go missing or turn blue??and is causing extreme crashes in 7.5

    I'm running an Amd quadcore 4.20 with 4 gigs of ram and win7 in 32 bit
    With a Radeon hd 6450 graphics card.

    If I didn't have this problem the virus would almost be perfect.


    I getting a lot of graphics missing in the virus control. Works fine but some graphics like the filter wheels around the filters are missing. This doesn't happen right away though. Anyone else have graphical errors?? A lot of the times when it starts with the VC other plugins graphics go missing. Mostly the moving parts of the plugins.

    I'm running an amd quad core 4.20 with. 4 gigs of ram and a ATI Radeon hd 6450(don't remember the exact number) with windows 7.

    Connect the virus physical outs to your mixer or audio interface and then choose out 1&2 instead of USB out in the drop down box. That let's you use the VC and have no latency(well almost no latency) I haven't figured this thing out yet.

    What I also do(in cubase) is create an external instrument for the virus and this allows me to use the Virus control with physical outputs and add vst effects to it as well.

    I want to have the cutoff change on both sounds but I have to select the corresponding and first in order for it to change. Is it possible to link the cutoff knob to change both at the same time??

    This is not one patch but 2 separate patches for example one patch on 1 and another patch on 2