Access Virus C the same software and patches as the Virus TI .

  • Hi

    I am a newbee with an Access Virus TI and I can not find a good answer on the internet for the following questions :

    Software made by Access or 3th partys for the Access Virus C is this useable also for the Virus TI ?

    Is this also for sounds and patches which where made for the Access Virus C are these interchangeable into my Virus TI ?

    I can not find a specific good answer on the Internet and was hoping that somebody could have the right answer for me.

    I am also wondering which Virus machine have the same hardware and operating system as the Virus TI

    I am looking forward to read your answers

  • All virus b and c patches can be used in the ti..I'm not sure about the a but probably. All ti patches can be loaded into the b and c as well. Some patches might not work because of featurs that the b and c don't have. I don't know about the a though.

    The ti has it's own operating system. All the other virus have. Their own os software to but all synths are based on the same core design. This is why patches are compatible with all virus synths.

    I have personally loaded a ti bank into a virus b and most patches worked.