VC is the graphics problem confirmed cubase 5 and 7.5

  • I wasn't 100% sure if it was the virus causing the problem or other plugins. What was happening is that mostly with native instruments vintage compressors the moving parts of the vst would be missing. It would get worse as time goes on in the project and then lead to a crash all the time. Because I have the virus in all my projects I decided to remove it when my NI compressor was missing graphics and as soon as I removed the VIrus from the project the graphics on the compressor are back. I have also noticed that the moving parts of the graphics on the virus control go missing to as time goes on.

    I have upgraded video cards because I was using an integrated one and I thought that was the problem.

    Both problem exist in cubase 5 and 7.5

    In 7.5 it's worse on the virus control more than just the movable graphics go missing or turn blue??and is causing extreme crashes in 7.5

    I'm running an Amd quadcore 4.20 with 4 gigs of ram and win7 in 32 bit
    With a Radeon hd 6450 graphics card.

    If I didn't have this problem the virus would almost be perfect.