Patch banks for live use

  • I tried downloading the patches for live playing from access website - alas not really what I'm looking for. I wonder if the following exists?

    A set of patches designed for live players
    Filters and envelopes do what you expect (i.e. aren't bypassed by modulations)
    Always in tune and playable
    Velocity and aftertouch usually doing something expressive, probably subtle
    Wheel doing something more blatant..?

    I've also been wondering if there are patch banks out there that use multi mode?

    Yes I know, I should design my own sounds anyway. Some days I want to jam not sound design ;-) Thanks in advance.

  • I guess you can meet half way - Take a patch with a sound that you like, and look at its modulation matrix. Where does the mod wheel route? Where does the note on velocity route? Where does the channel pressure (fancy name for aftertouch) route? You can change the destinations, modulation amounts, and add more destinations to the same source - just pick a random victim for the destination and see how it changes the sound. If you see that a certain source is not used, make it the source of an unused routing slot.
    Happy tweaking!