Picking apart a patch

  • I'm new to sound design.

    I found a patch I like, and I wanted to see what makes it happen. But no matter how many knobs I turn, add a 3rd osc, change 1 and 2 to new types (like Wave 25 etc.), change balance, play with Key Flw and Semitone -- no matter what I do, I never stray far from the original sound. It changes but just a little bit. I guess I'm missing something fundamental because patches sound completely different. Is there a "secret" to picking apart a patch?

  • It depends if you are looking for a certain static characteristic or a certain modulation. In the latter case you would have to pay special attention to the modulation matrix and pre-routed modulations. In general it is best to eliminate suspects methodically from the outside in, meaning first the arpeggiator, then effects, then per-note filters, and finally the bare oscillators. BTW, If you see that replacing the oscillators doesn't matter much, check the filters - filters can self-oscillate, meaning they can become oscillators in their on right.
    Hope this helps.