virus control output ports

  • hi all,

    just got my polar Ti 2 and I am using fl studio 10.

    I have managed to setup midi outs to work the parts 1-16 on the virus control..What i havent been able to do is route each part 1-16 to different mixer channel so all parts play on only 1 mixer channel. I have done EVERYTHING (From video tutorial to pdfs) and i could use some help..


  • have you set the different parts to use different outputs? (either right click the D or do this on the common page)

    you can use USB 1 - > USB 3, and then in FL there should be a way to assign a mixer channel to each. this gives you 6 mono or 3 stereo.
    I think, f you have an audio interface you can then in addition map another 3 stereo/6 mono from the analogue ports of the back (though sync will become tricky at that point)
    (thats the limit of outputs on the TI, it doesn't separate audio on all parts.)

  • I have right clicked and set 1 to USB1 and 2 to USB2 but for some reason USB3 is not available (IT is in the list but i cannot chose it)..any idea why??Also when i put 2 in USB2 there is no sound coming through.. I am lost

    In a tutorial i saw, you go in setting tab and then processing and there is a ''auto map outputs'' and you should get the different midi..Still i havent been able to do anything..

  • check patch/utility in VC, should be set to either 3 outputs/no input or 3 outputs, 1 input
    I assume when you say use set to 2 to USB 2 your are talking about the USB 2 output of the virus TI VST (VCC)

    I dont use Fl10, so cant help you on that side.

    I think the question is how does the mixer allow you to select it inputs, there must be some option to select this - im assuming its currently set to Virus 1+2 (or similar) , and you need to its to Virus 3+4

  • technobear is referring to the fact that although the Virus has 16 parts, there are only three available audio output pairs.

    Go to Virus Control (The Virus VST Screen), select the patch utility tab. Here on the left you will see "USB Audio mode".. change that to "3 outs/no input". Deselect the patch utility tab.

    Then for EACH part, select the "common" tab, and select which audio output pair you wish to have assigned.. USB 1 L&R, USB 2 L&R or USB 3 L&R

    then figure out how to find those audio streams in FL.. am sure they are there!