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    you can write, but you will get the stock answer that any company in any industry will give you..

    "we don't release our development plans or advance information until we are very close to launch"

    in fact, you are more likely to see something on the web via twitter, blog, or some random photo from a beta tester or similar long before Access announces anything.

    I would be as keen as anyone to checkout new gear.. but there are plenty of other toys to play with in the meanwhile :)

    Nothing ridiculous at all....

    I have a Virus Ti2 Polar running 4.5.3 connected to my dedicated studio computer running Win 7/64 and Sonar x3. The virus has been stable and trouble free using VST2 (Sonar X1 & X2) and VST3 (on Sonar x3).

    What I needed to do was..

    a) I installed a USB2 4 port hub card with multiple transaction translators, to which the majority of my peripherals are connected, some via an additional hub (that also has multiple transaction translators). Maschine has a port, MOTU midi express XT has a port, then Mouse, keyboard, Fantom G, Yamaha S70XS, MC-808, Line 6 pod HD and FBV express all are off the additional hub.
    b) The Virus occupies its own hub on the motherboard (one of two ports, the other port blanked off)
    c) To aid sync, midi tracks have a minimum of one blank measure preceding any clip.


    classically, you use the DAW for midi routing.. and enable /disable sound of track #1/2/3 in your DAW... this is where Technobear is going above :)

    the other way, which in no way gets you to learn the daw better :), is simply to change the keyboard channel in the virus conf. So if track #1 is midi ch #1, 2=2 etc.. then change the keyboard ch from 1, 2 3 as needed... Regardless though, you do need to learn how to execute midi routing in your daw of choice.

    To the users ranting about USB.. I suggest doing a search.

    There is no fundamental issue with the Virus.. as techncobear suggests above, in some cases it CAN be a pain to get going the first time as you work to understand its requirements, but there are plenty of threads about the Virus and solutions for using it with USB..

    The virus uses isochronous mode, and if you do not know intuitively what that is, then the issue is likely to be you, your USB port assignments on the computer and/or your other peripherals...

    So, given that there are plenty of users using the same computer as you and the same software as you then the issue again is not the is your setup.

    It would help if you spelled out your environment.. what computer/os , what DAW/version, and how you have connected the virus..

    also, suggest do a search on the threads regarding USB hubs, usb 1.1 and connecting the virus.


    This exists.

    Press the search button, then turn the Value 1 knob.. there are a dozen categories plus favourites 1,2 3

    I would like a better way to search sounds. Have a category/characteristics field. ie, bass, lead, pad, arp, fx, clean, distorted, etc... As it is, the search function isn't very helpful if you're looking for a type of sound.

    The virus is a fine synth.. but it doesn't do everything..

    Acoustic instruments and drums are better on rompler (sample/synthesis) architectures.. and if you are going to get both, I would suggest the Motif XF6 and a Virus Ti2 rack.. The motif has a solid keybed and would make a good controller.

    Well I am digging a lot of what I've been able to find on the internet... while I'm not into trance/dance/edm I feel like I could use some of those sounds. However, I'd really hate if I got it home & found out it's not very good at doing what I primarily want it for, know what I mean? So far, the guys doing what I want are mainly using sample/synthesis type boards, like the Motif.

    None of those synths, that I've heard yet have that aggressive sound I'm loving from the Virus, but like I said, that wasn't what I originally set out looking for.

    I should probably get both huh?

    With all respect, this forum is for feature requests of Access Music, and while i am sure your intentions are well founded, i think it would be decent to move your discussion of your commercial enterprise into your own thread, or your own website even.

    Like many, I wish to play the Virus via Midi ports, not USB, but am happy to run VC over USB, and so for a $3500 synth, having a standalone VC Editor & Librarian (which includes multi's) is a reasonable request of the manufacturer..

    the first shows a 4u rack space.. the virus ti is a 4u rack.. you can buy the mounting kit to convert to rack mount and you would need to realign/rotate the output ports panel to come out of the back, rather than the top.. there are videos and details on doing this on the web.

    Thanks for the reply but I dont understand...

    I thought sample conversion was only done where you change the time base, e.g. going from 44.1 to 48 khz, whereas in this case we are staying with the same 48khz clock rate.

    using a sample rate converter, sounds like its trying to deal with 2 clocks not in sync, but that should not be the case ....
    or am i missing something?

    iirc (and its been a while) sample rate conversion would both reclock and resync the incoming data stream to that for the target device. in this case it would be a sample rate conversion of 1:1 to overcome sync error.

    thanks folks..

    Part of my query was whether the Virus USB drivers had been updated at all along the way with o.s. updates?.. if so I would update the o.s. using the current machine before the switch over...(this would be nice to know)

    ports etccc.

    what was I thinking?.. given I ended up with an extra 4 port pci hub I know hubs=bad and that TT are the important thing.. so the USB3.0 ports on the back will likely only be used by one device...or drive other hubs/stuff

    still porting other software at present.. and this from the "if it aint broke I don't fix it" person..smh.

    Given you purchased this off Ebay I would suggest investigating returning the virus for a refund. Even in cases where the listing was "no returns accepted" , the fact that it fails the "item as described" test indicates that you will get your money back .

    So, one of my PC's died so I bought a new HP 1360t with i7-3770 computer and am thinking to replace my studio computer...given this is better than that

    This new PC has two USB 3.0 ports and my thinking is to have the MOTU 828mkII hybrid on one, and the Virus Ti2 Polar on the other...then the rest of the synths, controllers and stuff on the USB2 ports with hubs etc

    Which of course, begs the inquiry as to how has the success been with connecting the Virus to a USB3.0 port?..

    and also, I am on o.s. so does that matter?..


    I realize I may not add any value to your issue here however I cannot help but notice that you have stated that saffire is internal 48khz and virus is set to 48khz... you have not specified who is syn'ing to who.
    my understanding is that the receiving end should sync to the if the virus has its clock at 48kHz and the saffire has its clock at 48kHz and is not sync'd to the incoming clock then I personally would expect distortion, or even no audio.

    so..either have the saffire sync to external clock (the virus), or if you really want the saffire to be the clock master, additionally connect spdif saffire>virus also.. then the virus should extract the clk.

    on a totally different note, and while acknowledging you should be able to setup a 48kHz system, I would say 'why bother"?.. the norm is more for 44.1kHz ..but that's just my 2c :)

    Thank you Marc,

    Noel Borthwick (their CTO) is actively working on this issue as you can see in this thread, and if someone contacts them via the form indicated in post #7 they will provide a copy…ST3-m2902347.aspx#2913320

    I have offered to test and validate any fix here.. and my contact details if you need them are in the support ticket S100074897


    we still haven't received a copy of sonar X3. it should be a matter of a few days though. once we got it, we can look into it.
    best, marc