A few sounds I could use some help with please...

  • Hi all, I was hoping someone might be able to help me with this, basically I've just joined a band as producer/live loop & synth performer who already have material written. I wanna try remake some of the existing sounds so I can play them live on my Virus without needing to reform the existing sounds of the music..


    This is two different synth sounds playing the same very basic synth one following the other, I'm not sure if the first one is doable on the Virus, I've not really managed to get that kinda air sound out of it before, the second will probably be easier as that sounds mostly like it has a bell character.


    The sound I want to remake in this is the sound that opens out of that guitar strum sound, I don't want to remake the guitar just the rising sound, one of the guys mentioned he was taking inspiration from a sound Linkin Park used in one of their tracks...

    The guys said they used some vst for these sounds, they're not sure which one it was and unfortunately the hard drives which they put the demos together on have blown... If anyone can offer any advise on how's best to go about remaking these sound that would be very much appreciated!

  • Re. "Waste the Day": It sounds like a D-50 "fantasia" type sound, you can find the full rundown in Howard Scarr's synth tutorial in the electric piano and the percussive organ sections, but basically it's a short attack with one of the classic sonic waveforms and then a dark tail made up of just reverb or some heavily filtered oscillator.
    Re. "DIP DNB": If you are referring to the long chords, they sound like a reed instrument to me. You should start with a configuration of saw oscillators (from single through detuned up to full blown hypersaw), then mold it by enhancing and eliminating frequencies using the available filters.
    Hope this helps.

  • Hi Flabberbob, thanks for the tips I shall be sure to try them out over the next few days. Would you apply your advice to both instrument sounds in Waste The Day? Like I said there's 2 sounds going in there that I need to try to remake...

    Thanks again!

  • It's possible that I could have chosen a poor part of the song to sample to demonstrate to you maybe, there's a clear difference to the two sounds as far as I can hear, one has much more of an "airey" feel to it while the other is very bell like. I'll try get a better sample of the sounds as they're used throughout the song, I'll also get a sample of just the riff only playing on nothing more than a raw saw tooth or something so you can hear melodically which parts I'm referring to if you think that might help... I've downloaded the Howard Scarr tutorial today so I'm sure I'll have some questions in relation to that soon enough haha