TI Snow songs convert to TI 2 ?

  • I have a Virus snow and made some songs in Cubase 5.

    Now I bought a TI-2 and like to play the songs I made with the Snow but don´t understand how to do just that.

    Could someone please explain or give some tips.

  • There is a long safe way an a short dangerous way.
    If you want to be safe, make a new copy of the project, connect the Snow, save all the patches to file (a .mid bank), disconnect the Snow, unload the plugin (you might lose some automation depending on how you recorded it), connect the TI2, load the TI2 plugin, reconnect all the tracks to the new plugin, load all the saved patches to the right parts and hope for the best.
    The dangerous way is to exit cubase, disconnect the Snow, connect the TI2, rename the Snow VSTi binary into something unusable, start cubase with your project, and hopefully cubase will choose the "next best" VSTi it can find, although this may not work. If it worked, save to a new project so that you still have a backup of the old project if something goes wrong.
    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for the reactions, still some questions.

    What do you mean with "reconnect all the tracks to the new plugin"¨.

    The way I was working:

    Save the tracks to midi and load them in a new project, works fine for simple songs.

    But now I´m trying the more complex songs with lots of automation.

    regards QRS