No audio or bad noise through USB.

  • Hey guys,
    can't find a solution anywhere so I'm going to post my troubles here.

    I own a TI2 Desktop, it works (not really well) using USB audio + Virus Control, but when I try using the audio outputs... well, it's really painful.

    USB audio + Virus Control trouble:
    When I play a sound, mostly when using long ones like pads, I can hear something weird like bit-reduction at the end of it cutting the tail of the sound.

    Audio Output troubles:
    1. Using the Virus Control and setting audio outputs as main output I can't get any sound, I can see lights on my mixer and soundcard, so it's working, but I can't hear anything.

    2. I can hear sound from the audio outputs only if I unplug my USB cable from the Virus OR using it without Virus Control.

    3. When having sound without using Virus Control, only when my usb cable is plugged in, I get a really bad background noise (reminding me hum/ground loop noises), really similar to this one. It disappears when I unplug the USB cable.

    What did I try:
    - hum destroyer between my mixer and the soundcard, it works like a charm with the rest of my instruments
    - using different sequencers
    - different USB cables
    - different audio cables
    - reinstalling the software
    - trying newer or older version of the software
    - changing sample rate
    - changing buffer
    - restart Virus
    - restart my computer
    - changing power socket

    Hope everything's clear.
    Thanks for the help!

  • if your audio interface is showing input...
    then it sounds like you have an issue with your sample rates not matching/sync
    could either be your not syncing or you have selected wrong sample rate on the other.

    plugging in usb, means virus will sync to host, so would explain sound.

    how are you syncing your ai with virus? spdif?
    if so, ive only had any luck with virus as master (internal) and ai as salve via spdif
    (see recent post on spdif clock rate issues)

    as per other threads there is also an issue on 5.0.7 using 48khz so use 44

    (distortion usb or otherwise can also be sync/sample rate related)