Big room Leads ?

  • Thank Warren.. your referring to this

    Doesn't really say much in regards tot he design of the sound. Appears to be a NEXUS lead from a soundest.. He indicates that he uses a Virus " When he's in the studio "

    Im just trying to find a soundest for my Virus that has similar percussivish big room leads.. Ive been using Waves Trans-X to get that initial hard attack on the lead but still doesn't sound right.. Ive yet to find a good one soundset.. I keep trying to make some from scratch but synth sound design from scratch is an area that needs improvement. If I can find a couple leads I can probably look at the settings and figure out how to achieve the sounds I'm after..

    Thanks for the info bud!!!

  • what type of sounds are you after....

    Remember access's website has loads of soundsets.

    Trance. Found one website with demos. Not sure if its worth 49.99 for 128 sounds. I love my new ti. Problem is I have no time to make sounds--so when I have time it comes down to write music, or make the sound from scratch.

  • Sounds like some nexus presets. Just use different sounding sounds and put each sound at different octaves. This will fatten up the sound. Don't forget to add a bass layer. So the lead will take up the whole spectrum. Add some sausage fattener and if you want to get really nasty buss all the layers and add the sausage fattener and compress the living shit out of them. There you go.

    Poor point blank dude...he looks like he wants to shoot himself....I bet he's thinking wtf is the crap....please no more bangers!!

    Big difference from when he interviewed mike koglin