Cant install virus ti after HDD died

  • Hey guys !
    so i have 2 HDDs , one for OS and DAW and the other one is for everything else ...
    so my HDD died and virus was installed on it and ive uninstalled the program i guess but now for some reason when i open the installer it immediately show a messege : " Invalid drive D:\ " ( the one that died ) .
    then it says setup was ended prematurely because of an error ... ive tried to redownload the installer even lower versions but without success !
    PLEASE , please help me !
    what can i do to install back my virus ?
    thanks !!

  • Got it fixed after a long search on the net found the answer in another forum so if it happens to you guys just :

    Click on "Start" -> "Run..."
    type "regedit" and click [OK]

    When the registry editor opens, navigate to this key:
    then access music and edit the value change the value to your real vst folder path .