FL Studio 11 & Virus Ti 2 Multimode

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    Virus Ti 2 question. Does anyone know how to use the multimode in FL Studio 11? I can only seem to use one patch at a time and one instance of the Ti as a VSTi instrument and would like to use more than one. I've tried adding 3 extra MIDI out channels but there seems to be only one stereo output under the processing tab. Any help would be great! Cheers

  • As far I understand the knob multimode on the Virus is for playing it with the keyboard.

    If using a DAW like FL Studio you have already access to all 16 patch channels with the Virus Plugin.

    For each Virus channel you need to create a Midi-Out Channel. Up to 16 Midi-out you can create to control the 16 patch channels.

    You have 3 stereo sound outputs on the Virus with USB connection or 6 Mono outputs.
    On FL Studio Virus Plugin you need to click on the little gear wheel on the top left to access the connection panel.
    Go to Settings tab to choose your midi main port, which is maybe "1".
    Then go to the processing tab for the audio channels. Set 1 - Out 1, 2 - Out 2, 3 - Out 3.

    Now go to the mixer.
    Select Insert1 and on the top right you choose Virus TI Audio 1 + 2. Now you have Audio connection for the first stereo channel.
    Do the same with Insert 2 and 3 and select the other Audio channels of the TI.

    Now you are ready to use full TI power.
    The Presets you can address with USB 1 , 2 or 3 to the Mixer Channels.

    Multimode means you can now create Midi patterns for all 16 Preset channels and record them.