Virus Problem Windows 8 , Cubase 8! :(

  • Hi there ! i have Windows 8 64 bit and Cubase 8.05 32 bit installed.. also i have the Virus Ti 2 (5.1.1) and the Total Integration Plugin istall in 32 Bit, also i have a Steinberg UR44 Soundcard .. so audio will go from there virus is only with USB connected

    So now everytime i want to open the Virus in a Projekt that i have make a day ago it crashes.. the only thing it works is when im Open a new projekt. and eveen ive its work i had all the time bad midis.. i play a note and it dont wanna break it xS ... then i must take an other present and reopen the old... i try sooo much things but nothing helpd.... soo please anybody... help mee. :/

  • I have more or less the same problem.

    It works perfectly fine in Cubase 8.30 Win7/64 in a fresh project... right until you make some progress in the track, then the project starts to get really unstable. Also trying to add the virus to a mature project in the VST Rack causes instant crashes most of the time. Sometimes the project won't even open until you shut off the virus. ASIO Guard is off so that's not the problem.

    It helped somewhat for me to get a powered USB 2.0 Hub and connect it to a USB 2.0 port. Only the virus goes to the hub, and the hub is the sole connection on a USB 2.0 PCI card. At least it's usable now.

    This system is a bit unstable in the USB department, not sure if Windows or Mobo setting, or whatever but regardless the Virus worked flawlessly with Cubase 5 even without a hub.

  • I had the same problem, and for me starting a new project first with an virus instrument track loaded. Is a work around.
    After the virus is initialized in the new project. I openup the project I'm working on without the crashes.

  • Same here, but it occurs with Sonar Platinum (my system is all 64bit). I submitted a dump to Cakewalk which the developers determined to be caused by the Virus Vst3. I forwarded the dump files to Access Support early this month but have not heard from the Access Developers. I did get in touch with support again, but they had nothing on it yet as the developers are very busy.