Virus B wont recieve OS update

  • Just got one and I cant get the OS to update.
    I know the port is ok, I can recieve midi notes fine. I've been trying to get MIDI-OX to send the update. The MIDI interface is indicating that it's sending but the Virus doesnt react at all.
    Any ideas?

  • After days of troubleshooting, I've come to the conclusion that my issue is likely the (well known) electrolytic capacitor burnout. The screen has a very mild backlight flicker when I send the OS. Judging by people who have advanced forms of the disease, if I dont get it fixed, one day soon old red won't even turn on anymore.
    Unfortunately, I always used to get stoned before 10th grade electronics lab, and now find circut boards really intimidating. A guy over in Castle Hill is about to feed his wallet off my insecurity.

  • Interestingly I found out that electrolytic caps can be self healing: Just turning on the unit and leaving it on for a while might actually rejuvenate the capacitors. Try a few times, leaving it "on" for 20 minutes each time. Capacitors are a very common point of failure and a good repair shop should be relatively cheap. One that specializes in music gear or has seen a Virus B before shouldn't end up charging a fortune.