• Just got a 2nd hand TI2 Polar and discovered that the MIDI OUT socket doesn't transmit any information.
    MIDI IN works fine, and MIDI THRU passes info correctly but there is nothing from the OUT.

    I've reinstalled the OS ( and performed a Factory reset/configuration reset with no fix.
    All appears to work correctly over USB using Control Centre or as a VST in Cubase.

    There are no parameters I know of to turn off MIDI in/out/thru so has anyone got any ideas what the problem could be?


  • If the unit is connect to your computer via USB, you will only be able to send Midi signals to its Midi Out port if you create a Midi track in your DAW with the Midi out port "Virus TI Midi" being selected. Keep in mind that the TI works like a Midi interface when the USB connection is in use.

  • Yes, that is right. I know that.

    However, I now own two Virus Ti2 and one works fine. MIDI OUT transmits whether connected via USB or in Standalone mode.

    This new one (2nd hand) is a Darkstar Ti2 and the MIDI OUT will NOT work when connected via USB or in Standalone mode.

    Frustrating me like mad as it is immaculate, but I can't use it without a MIDI OUT.
    Could it be as simple as a bad socket or dry joints?
    Should I return it?


  • By 'pilots error' I assume you mean user error; ie me doing something wrong?

    Well both of my Ti2 are setup identically but the Darkstar has no MIDI OUT at all.

    Do I assume that if this is a hardware problem it is fixable? Or do I just get a refund and look for another one?


  • Marc,
    If you look back, from my first post to the last I am asking for help and advice.
    By that very action I am opening myself to the option that it could be me doing something wrong, or that there is something that could be done to fix the problem that I'm unaware of.
    I thought that was the point of a forum to share experiences and be advised by others who may be more informed.
    All I needed was clarification; 'am I doing something wrong?', 'this will fix it', 'it is a software problem', 'it is a hardware problem', not the patronising reply I got above.


  • OK Marc thank you.

    I think we'll have to describe this as a hardware fault.
    It can't be anything I'm doing wrong as both my Ti2 are setup identically but behave differently.

    Are there Access repair specialist in the UK?