TI2 Polar Mod Wheel Problem

  • Hi guys,

    I recently had to move my TI2 Polar (6 years old) to a new location and I'm not sure if the Mod Wheel got damaged in the process. I had not used my Virus in a while, so really not sure if this developed over time or was during transit.

    Issue: The mod wheel sends erratic messages and flickers up & down (in software) when set between 0 - 126. At 127 it stays constant, but in all other positions it moves values on it's own. I'm guessing something's wrong with the potentiometer. I've disabled the mod wheel from the settings menu for now.

    I'm wondering if there is any easy way to fix this problem? Could this be dust accumulation, as I had not used it in a long time? Anyone else with similar issues?

  • if you discover erratic messages, that can mean a lot of things. but usually this the result of bad storage or some liquid which was spilled inside the block. once the pods inside got wet the texture on top which leads the current breaks and falls off. even little bits are enough to create those events. you probably know similar effects when you turn the volume know of an old amp. you hear scratching noise. the pods we use are good but there are simply no pods available which operate error free after being damaged. theoretically, replacing the pod would be enough but that's obviously not what you were told.