Patches with portamento randomly sounds like zaps - Virus Ti Desktop

  • Its as simple as the subject. When i create a patch with portamento, some times it sounds like a zap sound. Like if the last note was a really high pitched one, and the one that I actually play starts from there.
    This doesn´t happen if i turn down the portamento.

    I´ve found 2 threads about this issue, but none of them has an answer to this problem. One suggest to change the mono mode (but i´m in poly, don´t want to switch to mono), the other one recommends contacting access support:…ento%2Bproblem&#post18428…ento%2Bproblem&#post25814

  • Known problem... or "character". Unfortunately, the portamento implementation on the Virus is a bit odd. If not in Mono Mode 2 or 4, the portamento glides down from the highest possible pitch for the first note played. Following notes are then glided from the pitch of th previous note. However, the Virus has a very short short term memory with regards to "last note played", approximately 10 seconds according to my experiments.

    It would be very welcome of the portamento implementation was changed to:
    - Selectable whether first note is glided in.
    - Selectable start pitch for the first note glide (I'd always prefer to have a glide up, even if it was from the lowest note)
    - Longer short term memory for last pitch (like, forever? ;-))

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  • Thanks for your explanation !
    I contacted support and they also told me it was the normal behavior of the Virus.
    I totally agree with you on those 3 options. I really don´t see how the actual behavior would be good for anyone at any situation.