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    Something is missing:
    Envelope3 = ADSR all zero
    MATRIX: SLOT1 = Env3/ -64/ Osc Volume

    So you’re introducing Env3 and the Mod Matrix, which both are resource intensive operations, instead of using the Amp Envelope attack. What’s the benefit of this very cumbersome method?

    what's the difference between channel/part volume (cc 7) vs patch volume (cc 91)?

    Patch Volume is saved with the Patch and determines the base volume of the patch. It can be used to level out volume differences between different patches caused by different unison, filter, distortion and equalizer settings.

    Channel/Part Volume is dtermines the volume of the Channel/Part into which a Patch is loaded. It’s similar to the fader on a mixing desk.

    Regarding the Since click. IMO, it's in fact a psychoacoustic phenomenon because the sound starts suddenly if the amp envelope has a very short attack time, and can be compensated for with adjusting the attack.

    Important factors to get a pure sine without click:

    - Disable all distortion stages of the Virus, including the Character settings which are often forgotten. Set Analog Boost Intensity to 0.

    - Set Punch to 0

    - Set Phase Init to 1or 127 ( OSC 1 and OSC 2 in Phase) or 63 (OSC1 and OSC2 out of phase). If you're just using OSC 1, Phase Init can be any value larger than 0, as Phase Init will start OSC1 always at 0 of the wave. See Virus TI reference manual on Phase Init.

    To compensate for the perceived click, the Amp Envelope Attack can be adjusted using the Attack knob. Additionally it can be refined, by using a Matrix slot with the 10% constant to fine adjust Amp Env Attack.

    You can also use recursive envelope modulation to change the curve of the Attack phase by using a Matrix slot where the Amp Envelope is the source to modulate the Amp Env Attack. To me, this gives the best result for a fast smooth attack without perceived click.

    - Full LFO(1) square/ Trigger Phase 127/
    - In the matrix: LFO(1) assigned to "0" on attack because boosted with the "10%constant" of "22"

    What do you want to achieve with that?

    I guess what you wanted to do is to turn LFO 1 into a constant value. But instead you're turning it into an extremely fast Square wave LFO. Which is used to modulate the length of the amp envelope attack phase. That doesn't make much sense to me.

    In order to have LFO 1/2 to be used as constant, you can:

    - Set Shape to Pulse

    - Set Rate to 0

    - Set Contour to +63

    - Set Envelope Mode to enabled


    - Set Shape to Pulse

    - Set Rate to 0

    - Set Contour to +63

    - Set Trigger Phase to 1 (or 127)

    Theoretically, the second method would give a very short click on each LFO cycle, but it's actually not audible.

    PS: There's also no need to redirect the 10% constant to a different slot. You could directly route it to adjust the Amp Envelope Attack.

    This seems odd. I have to try this myself.

    BTW, a sine wave doesn’t have any „top end“ as there‘s no harmonics at all. Are you sure the Noise OSC is completely off?

    As already asked: Do you see the click in the waveform if the recorded sound?

    I've tried adjusting phase init on both OSC 1 and OSC 2 with Sync both on and off and it doesn't stop sine waves from clicking no matter what level I set the phase init to.

    What am I missing?

    So, you adjusted Punch, and tried to adjust Phase Init and your sine wave still clicks? Did you try with just one oscillator? Did you try to adjust the amp envelope attack to a very small value?

    Do you see the click in the waveform if you record the sound?

    Is it Phase Init? ((x2) EDIT of OSC2 = Common1/2)

    Exactly, it’s called Phase Init. Depending on the phase, a wave may start at a zero crossing or at any other point in the wave. As you might know from sample editing, anything besides a zero crossing will cause clicks.

    Is there a way to copy a patch from within a multi setup from one part to another? rather than creating a patch in single mode and using that as the copy source.

    There is no way to copy/paste a patch (single preset). Only Multis 1-16 carry patch information, all others just reference a patch from a bank. Therefore, in general, you must store your patches in a RAM bank (A-D) to reference them in a Multi.

    Please refer to the Virus Ti Quickstart manual chapter Utility Buttons/Store , p. 35 for more detailed information about storing your own patches.

    In multi mode, the shift + value button doesn't skip through the next patch/program for a part, but instead selects the next bank. This is annoying - I have to use the knob instead which is too fast, or goto into edit mode and find the right menu page. Is this is a bug?

    This normal behavior. Shift+Value is not implemented in MultiMode. It just selects the next or previous Multi Preset, like without pressing shift.

    From the reference manual p130:

    Quote from Virus TI Reference Manual, p. 130

    Global Soft Knobs settings


    Off, Analog Boost Int ... Velo>Volume: Global destination. Used whenever the Soft Knob is left undefined in a program or the Global parameter is set to On here...

    It’s called global because it affects all presets in the same way.

    You you could also try to use glide and, instead of just releasing the note, play the note of the target pitch. But that probably only works with monophonic sounds. So you would play the c4 and at the end of the c4 play a c2 which is reached by gliding there.