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    I’d start with a square wave on both OSC and OSC sync. OSC at least one octave apart and some detune. Or some FM. Or a detuned Hypersaw. Add unison or chorus. A good deal of distortion (e.g. carefully tuned sine fold) for added scream. A touch of delay and reverb to add bigness. Use LFOs or Envelopes to modulate pitch and detune.

    This is where all the fun starts on the Virus.

    This might be of interest too:

    There’s more info on this issue if you search the forum.

    USB 3 and USB 2 are using physically separated wires and connections which are combined on the USB 3 connectors and cables. Therefore the Virus would connect to the USB 2 connector inside the USB 3 socket (check out Wikipedia about the technical details), and it should make no difference to connecting to a USB 2 socket.

    However, the most critical part are the hubs. And there are huge differences in operation and performance (look up USB MTT). A USB 3 hub (which also contains a USB 2 hub) might use inferior components for the USB 2 to achieve lower production cost.

    Inferior USB 2 components might have an impact on Virus TI compatibility.

    AFAIK though, the TI plugin can't manage your multis and then save them back to the Virus like the Aura plugin does ?

    As already mentioned, it doesn’t manage Multis.

    Also it can't backup an entire bank of patches in Single mode - again unless I'm talking nonsense.

    It can make backups of whole banks. Mode is irrelevant for that.

    It also only has one window of patches displayed at a time so dragging and dropping is not as easy - in Aura I can drag and drop from one bank to another.

    Have another look… it’s even in the videos I made for you.

    but for managing your library, Aura every day.

    Then you haven’t found out the incredibly cool drag & drop power features plus the context operations of the TI plugin. Once you got used to them, you can’t understand why not every editor offers them.

    PS: Some hints OTTOMH:

    - Select a range of patches and drag them to another location within the same library

    - Swap to patches within the same library by dragging one over the other

    - Swap ranges of patches by dragging

    - Sort patches with context menu

    Aura plug in does way more than the virus TI plug in.

    As someone using the TI plugin heavily for seven years, I have to disagree. The TI software isn’t available as standalone and it doesn’t manage Multis, but it has a better organized UI and does a couple of things much better than the Aura plugin. Some of the minor shortcomings can be overcome by future improvements, the more important ones like audio sync issues are simply not controllable by the Aura plugin and require elaborate workarounds.

    So while the efforts of Aura Plugins are highly commendable, and their Virus editor is a good solution for some, it’s not a direct replacement for the original TI software and most probably never will be.

    Desktop Module (+ controller/synth #2):

    • Is it possible to route TI2 aftertouch to something like a mod wheel or pedal?

    General Virus Questions:

    • Do those of you with the Virus use aftertouch often, or is this something I'm overthinking and don't really need?
    • Are there good Virus piano patches out there by chance?
    1. You can route any source controller to any modulation destination within the Virus synth engine but AFAIK there is no way to change the outgoing MIDI events to something else.
    2. For me Aftertouch on my Darkstar is hard to control. It needs some force to activate but the difference in pressure for the lowest and highest values is very small. I rarely use it, but it is nice to have in certain situations.
    3. The Virus is not sample based and therefore doesn’t do Pianos very well. There are a couple of nice EP and Piano synth sounds also preset packs by sound designers such as Ultimate X Sounds which can be really nice for an arrangement. But none of them replace a real piano. There’s a thread about this topic on the forum.

    My situation: I own a Darkstar TI2 and a Desktop TI2. Currently the Darkstar is set up in my home studio to act as main keyboard for everything via USB into the computer and then routed from Cubase to other synths. I like the fact that I can switch on just the Darkstar by itself and try something out without the necessity to fire up the whole setup (which I do rarely). Out of space restrictions I’m currently thinking of swapping the Darkstar for the Desktop and using a NI Kontrol 61 keys as main controller, because that keyboard is much smaller than the Virus 61 keys and would additionally allow to have better integration with NI Komplete (which I use rarely as well). So - first world problems. If I had plenty of space I would go with the 61 keys version, no question.

    Appreciate your thoughts and reflections. You’ve embarked on a journey to discover new ways to create music!

    If further questions are about Cubase 8.5 setup, they can be posted here. But in general its more useful on forums to open separate threads for unrelated questions. It will make your question more visible to a larger audience, and therefore increase chances to get more answers. And it will later give other forum users a chance to find answers to similar questions.