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  • Sent the email. TY again.

  • Ok, so I want to understand the effort you're making, you'll be able to do a bank at a time not a preset at a time? I don't want you to kill yourself, I appreciate you/you're time. I'm using the VC software so I'll be able to take the files you create and load them into my TI2 with the VC software? Thank you for going thru the trouble. Hopefully there's some patches of mine that you might like.

  • If it's 1 by 1 I'm not asking you for that. Seems pointless to have the backup and the Access editor software to do preset loading 1 by 1 when it's the entire bank that I'd like to have transferred. Thank you for all your help.

  • it's a "best of" i created for dance/edm.

  • Thank you, I appreciate it. Can I just attach the files here? You're welcome to use them as well.

    • Good morning
      So this is going to take a lot of time. To start, just a PACK I can try to do = I load the 128 SOUNDS into RAM A (in 128 actions) with Catalina, then with Ventura I recover everything (in one action) to then do an EXPORT for have . mid

      More easy for me at:

      [email protected]

      In my Virus, my ROM A is blank (to receive this type of backup) and also my RAM D is blank
      Can you make the PACK.ti2bacup file from your RAM D or your ROM A?

      If you can't:
      It doesn't matter, I'm going to make a TOTAL backup of my TI (= to receive your Backup) Then I'll put my TI back as it was

      In fact with AURA we only save our banks ( "FOLDERS.mid") RAM A>D. Impossible to burn them later in the ROMs (A>Z) of the TI
      To save in the ROMs (A>Z) of the TI it is necessary to use "Virus Control" (from ACCESS) then to be done in 1 single file (including all the TI) a BACKUP (.ti2backup). You can't organize the RAMs (only the displaced ones...)

  • Bon, en complement de beaucoup de site, voici celui dont je me suis occupé, dédié au TI-2:

    En francais (utilisez votre traducteur en votre langue voulue :)

    • Bonjour Lioio,

      Merci d'avoir répondu à ma demande concernant le son "Liquid Stack". Quel est le nom exact du son et comment puis-je l'obtenir ? Pouvez-vous me l'envoyer par e-mail ?

      Merci beaucoup et salutations


    • hi thanks

      i can but just for you, it's personal LOL

      I make it in .mid


      Here i can not send this folder.

      give me one e.mail please.

      So good hte virus, my best hardware :)