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    From the PROFILER Player page:


    The PROFILER Player offers a selection of some the finest effects in the world. As a company, KEMPER is also responsible for creating the ACCESS™ VIRUS™, one of the most successful synthesizers of all time. Nearly 25 years of experience.

    So, the neglected Virus is now remembered and abused as a marketing argument.

    Some time ago I discovered a strange noise (disharmonic) while using the filter. It mainly occurs when unison is activated. Are you familiar with this problem?

    colom2000 you set up 2 Hypersaw oscillators set to 9 voices each (= 18 virtual oscillators), and Unison 8, which results in 144 virtual saw oscillators, quite detuned. That produces a lot of clashing overtones which are perceived as noise. Then these noisy 144 saw waves run into two (virtual analogue) filters in series with a the resonance set to about a quarter. You are probably already overloading the filters at the input, which results in overdrive or distortion around the resonance frequency. The resonance slides through a large part of the spectrum, so it crosses many overtones. The whole set up is also very loud, and may produce digital clipping during calculation of the sound.

    BTW, it's total overkill to use UNISON 8 with two Hypersaw OSC at density 9. You could also use UNISON twin for the stereo effect, and then add a noise oscillator to add the grainyness, which is much easier on the DSPs, is less prone to digital clipping and allows more voices.

    There’s the AURA editor plugin, which some get to work. But it’s difficult and cumbersome to set up. If you already struggled with the original TI software, which is plug and play, you’ll probably not want to cope with that. Unfortunately.

    The VCC should be able to read Virus bank files written by the Virus Control plugin. The AURA Editor should write files in the same format. You can test by trying to read them with the Virus Control plugin. BTW your own libraries should be located in your home directory under Documents not in the system Library path.

    If it doesn’t work, contact AURA plugins.

    I’d start with a square wave on both OSC and OSC sync. OSC at least one octave apart and some detune. Or some FM. Or a detuned Hypersaw. Add unison or chorus. A good deal of distortion (e.g. carefully tuned sine fold) for added scream. A touch of delay and reverb to add bigness. Use LFOs or Envelopes to modulate pitch and detune.

    This is where all the fun starts on the Virus.

    This might be of interest too:

    There’s more info on this issue if you search the forum.

    USB 3 and USB 2 are using physically separated wires and connections which are combined on the USB 3 connectors and cables. Therefore the Virus would connect to the USB 2 connector inside the USB 3 socket (check out Wikipedia about the technical details), and it should make no difference to connecting to a USB 2 socket.

    However, the most critical part are the hubs. And there are huge differences in operation and performance (look up USB MTT). A USB 3 hub (which also contains a USB 2 hub) might use inferior components for the USB 2 to achieve lower production cost.

    Inferior USB 2 components might have an impact on Virus TI compatibility.

    AFAIK though, the TI plugin can't manage your multis and then save them back to the Virus like the Aura plugin does ?

    As already mentioned, it doesn’t manage Multis.

    Also it can't backup an entire bank of patches in Single mode - again unless I'm talking nonsense.

    It can make backups of whole banks. Mode is irrelevant for that.

    It also only has one window of patches displayed at a time so dragging and dropping is not as easy - in Aura I can drag and drop from one bank to another.

    Have another look… it’s even in the videos I made for you.

    but for managing your library, Aura every day.

    Then you haven’t found out the incredibly cool drag & drop power features plus the context operations of the TI plugin. Once you got used to them, you can’t understand why not every editor offers them.

    PS: Some hints OTTOMH:

    - Select a range of patches and drag them to another location within the same library

    - Swap to patches within the same library by dragging one over the other

    - Swap ranges of patches by dragging

    - Sort patches with context menu