USB Hubs (USB C or 3) - Has anyone had any success with their Virus TI

  • Im curious if there's a number of people who have managed to successfully get a Virus TI working nicely on any hubs for Windows (10 to be specific).
    I know the blurb "12mbit and virus likes to be on its own to avoid interrupt", but I am wondering where we are now with technology, driver capabilities and much higher USB bandwidths with Multi-TT hubs, if there's any success stories?

    So far Ive tested 2 x external powered usb3 hubs; TP-Link IH720 and a Plugable 7 port hub. Neither recognises the Virus in device manager or indeed will recognise on a fresh driver install. Error code 10 'This device cannot start'. Both see the device connected but no dice.

    I contacted Elektron and they have reported mixed feedback and directed me away from the overhub.

    So I can get the NI Maschine Mk3 working alongside the Elektron AK no problems and if I can get the Virus TI working also, would be nice. Not essential.