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    Im curious if there's a number of people who have managed to successfully get a Virus TI working nicely on any hubs for Windows (10 to be specific).
    I know the blurb "12mbit and virus likes to be on its own to avoid interrupt", but I am wondering where we are now with technology, driver capabilities and much higher USB bandwidths with Multi-TT hubs, if there's any success stories?

    So far Ive tested 2 x external powered usb3 hubs; TP-Link IH720 and a Plugable 7 port hub. Neither recognises the Virus in device manager or indeed will recognise on a fresh driver install. Error code 10 'This device cannot start'. Both see the device connected but no dice.

    I contacted Elektron and they have reported mixed feedback and directed me away from the overhub.

    So I can get the NI Maschine Mk3 working alongside the Elektron AK no problems and if I can get the Virus TI working also, would be nice. Not essential.

    Saw an announcement on another website about 3 or 4 months ago seems a long time to announce an update. Does OS5 make the TI obsolete? Im concerned,should I update to TI2 to get OS5. Have I missed something searched the threads but doesnt say.


    I've got to be honest and maybe this is my self pride and respect for Virus.

    The Virus is the supreme in what it does and I have listened to a lot of soft plugins (Dune comes to mind) and alternatives that claim to reproduce. Whilst they come close, as soon as i have introduced the Virus into the mix the competetion seems lacking and lacks lustre. Just my thoughts.

    It's the old analogy in my book like buying a Fiat and believing it's a Ferrari, if you know what I mean :)

    Haven't looked into this properly, however, I believe this is still not supported by SB....maybe Cubase7++ :/

    I think there is a workaround in Cubase 5 (and that would also include C6) but have never looked at it. Set the VIrus up as an external instrument and use the cubase audio configuration to work around. This however would mean that you would be using the Virus as a Midi instrument and the external audio I/O's rather than the USB.

    Someone else can chime in here...

    I've had a couple of minor glitches :

    I am led to believe Maschine does not yet support multi instrument audio out, anyone confirm or help?
    Reloaded a project and the Virus had decided to change to VirusSnow (took me a while to realise why there was no sound comming through).
    Haven't tried audio export yet from maschine using Virus TI, again any feedback would be great.

    Apart from that the possiblities in the future are going to be pretty good if you're into Groovebox style sequencing pre mixdowns etc.

    Thanks Woodster I should've mentioned the quick controls are not responding either. Its all very odd. Every other midi device is transmitting and receiving fine. The Virus is not. Went into quick controls as soon as I saw your post (on a mission here).

    There 'has' to be somthing i have done or overloked in the actual hardward (software) config of the virus. The quick controls are not registering but still the track shows its receving as the line position is moving in the track on Cubase....grrr :)

    Woodster77 wrote :


    toggle the "W" button in virus control or check that the virus has send

    Thanks and yes have tried all that.

    The virus is sending midi on the relevant virus channels as the VC plugin knobs are moving on the GUI as well as on the Virus vst control track.
    What I am trying to achieve is midi learn in sylenth1 with the virus as the controller.

    I know I am doing everything right as I have a Prophet 08 which doesnt have encoders but does respond on the midi learn function. I have gone into the template location and tried setting up manually (changing the midi channel behaviour to enable/disable.

    What I cant get is the virus to do it damn job.

    I have tried creating templates, receive midi all inputs in cubase, slected midi input for MIDI TI, MOTU input 3 which is the virus's midi setup location on my rig. I am not a daft muppet but I AM DEFINATELY overlooking something really simple.

    The enable Midi Send you mention where is taht no referenece in the manual.

    Thanks and frustrated.

    What would also be useful as this is what I am tryingt o achieve with no avail is a good reference page for vrt files for various plugins :

    Sylenth (surprise)

    Again nothing in the manuals about templates which might have been useful (cant see anything in the Quick Start or Refence manuals (really shit imho)!!!


    Frustrated and banging my head. Know this is simple but my Virus wont play ball with me here so *HELP* please.

    Knobs are moving fine adjusting freq cut off/res/reverb/etc anything I want in the virus I can see is moving the corresponding knobs in the right channels in the virus ti vst in Cubase 5.

    What I am trying to do is for Cubase to recognise the Virus's Knobs in the midi panel or midi learn in soft synths for example Sylenth1.

    I have a multitude of midi synths and all are working fine, so on the Prophet 08 I press learn in Sylenth or Learn in Cubases midi controller it picks it up and assigns.

    Do the same with the Virus and nothing. In the track channels I have tried midi input all, midi input 3 (as the Virus is on a MOTU Midiexpress 8x8 and also TI MIDI in.

    I kow it's going to be something simple but just cant get the thing to work.

    Also can someone help me with templates - how do they work ie : does a template have to take a patch slot (cant wrap my head around it).

    Many thanks

    An Inspirational F**k Yer and an intelligent ''Thank you'' Access.

    Great update love the comb filter, the distortions gave me more than I expected as use vst fx plugins for distortion already however this update is clean and fitting for the Virus.

    Like the new look browser (hope it doesnt crash when flicking between patches in projects)!!

    Looking forward to playing with the arp.

    Really would like to see the preset ARP patterns editable...seems unnecessary and was hoping for these to be opened up .... you can taste the tuna but don't open the tin, it's a secret!!!

    And great to see a seamless install and update on my rig.

    :D T H A N K Y O U A C C E S S :D

    *Updated with a minor issue...removed all and manually deleted
    all access files left over (even clean sweep and glarys utilities left
    them behind) in W7x64 after an uninstall and reboot.

    Installed fine but did not update Virus and would not let me assign default vst plugin path etc.

    After initial install, reinstalled this time it would let me choose
    plugin path and it also update the Virus...finally a working version of as [Blocked Image:]

    If I get another response from support re : reboot everything with all usbs disconnected i will scream - thats a lot of leads and hard to get to!.

    But thanks for the solution - I was right it was the software not my rig or plugged in usb sockets!!! grrr

    PS Access - for my time trying to fix what was not mendable by users - how about a sneaky OS4 beta release to drive us more nutz.


    I use 6 way adapter surge protectors which have a on off rocker switch, so that powers down when finished a session.

    Simple solutions for a greener planet lol

    . :thumbup:

    Watched the video demo of these features - very nice so thank you access.

    When will OS4 be abailable?

    I hope it iwll install on 64bit without nay headaches of the OS - still not solved with the auto roll back -0 given up trued all suggestions.

    Loving the new features great gift and sure will help the sales revenue ;)

    "Thanks for heads-up. I was sort of hoping for Win 7 GUI slowness to be fixed after all this time. :(

    Anyway tried to install over 3.3.0 results in "Virus TI Software Suite
    64 bit Setup ended prematurely" messege and cannot continue. Tried
    uninstalling 3.3.0 but that doesn't work either. So I am stuck here.
    What's up with these installation issues? :q

    Win7 64 here.

    EDIT: Reinstalled 3.3.0 beta successfully. Tried to fresh-install 3.3.4 release but same "prematurely ended" error. "

    Getting the same error. After trying to upgrade over deinstalled everything using uninstall, ran ccleaner to remove any reference and glarys utilities to clean up after reboot.

    Attempted install of 3.3.4 andsure enough auto roll back. Installed and all is fine, so no for the time being.

    Running W7 x64 Ultimate.

    HI WOD

    Just dropping in to say thanks for the track comments in soundclick ;) Nice to hear...still floating in the to 40's...not sure if that means much but appreciate your link :D

    Keep up the good music and a nice range of tracks in your radio listings.

    Good to see you with a Virus