part settings not applied after startup

  • After startup the virus ti2 in multi mode doesn't apply the part volume +63 and part panning to right +63 (if the audio was panned to right +63 it wouldn't be audible because only the left channel is recorded). Each setting is only applied after the knob is wiggled

    BTW I performed a reset of the unit just a couple of days ago

  • could someone please try to reproduce this on their TI2?

    in multi mode set the part panning to +63 (shift+edit = "multi edit"), save the multi program, check whether the panning works (eg. by triggering a note from that part) and then unplug (turn off) the virus. Plug it back (turn it on) again, trigger a note from that part and listen whether the panning is applied or the sound is centered

  • AFAIR I never had this kind of problems with Multi Mode presets.

    Are all other volume or pan settings properly rememeberd?

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  • they are remembered as the video shows, they are just not applied when I start the virus already in multi mode. When I reload the stored multi program the settings are then applied. I'm just curious whether this is an OS bug or it's just my defective unit acting up