Power Supply Virus TI Desktop

  • Hi, I can connect this source to my Virus TI Desktop ... Attached image.

    The plug is 2mm the same.

    The original that is already 11 years old the multimeter marks me that it is giving 15.80V ... And I prefer to put a newer power supply than the 12V

    [Blocked Image: ]

    Thanks and best regards!

  • You can still buy a new power supply from the Access Music online shop here.

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  • Hello....Ensure pin config is right so you get the extremity right. Ensure the force rating (W) is same or higher. A few times you can likewise observe the (A) amp rating and it should be same or higher for another PSU. It must be 12V, no more, no less. I don't have a Virus Ti myself so I can't check. Some force supplies additionally flexibly AC however the most widely recognized is DC. Ensure you get additionally that right.