Able to record automation for certain tracks only.

  • Hi.

    I'm brand new to the forum and this is my first post here.

    I've been an owner of the Virus TI for about 7months now, and I'm loving it!

    I stumbled across an issue today that I haven't come across before.

    I'm working on a project, and have used several tracks on the Virus, recording atuomation and all that is going smoothly. Until now! I'm not able to record Cutoff automation for track 6 on the Virus.

    I'm using Ableton 11.

    I tried revealing the parameter by using Ableton's Configure function in the plugin-panel, but it just doesn't appear. If I select track 1 however, and tweak a knob, the parameter appears (tried with Filter env amount). Nothing on track 6 works...

    Anyone else experienced this?