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    I'm afraid my plate's full. I work full-time as a software engineer, have a family and am a councillor. Funding development of something is a good idea I think, but I'm afraid I have neither the time nor the expertise in MacOS development. Sorry!

    Here's an interesting potential starting point for a slider component. I have a Waldorf Blofeld editor, which just uses this in-built slider for its GUI and it seems to work OK. This is for iOS, but the underlying stuff should be the same.

    That tutorial above is a bit out-of-date for the latest Xcode, but I have a slider for values working with values 0 to 127. Cobbling together some of this might give me a starting point.

    I do keep considering getting to grips with Mac/Windows development tools and writing a stand-alone editor. I did similar back in the day, on the Amiga. I have the Mystery Islands plug-in, but really doesn't sit well with me.

    I've just never had time to properly get to grips with Xcode and Visual Studio, despite being a software engineer for decades. I've only ever worked on embedded / real-time systems though.

    Anyone else interested in looking at this? Since I'm mostly on Mac, in my case - Xcode is probably my starting point.

    The Midi APIs don't look too bad. The difficulty might be more in terms of GUI resources for knobs and sliders etc. How much would I/we want to use an off-the-shelf framework, and how much would I/we want to write something new. I've had a play around with JUCE, but there are some aspects which didn't really sit well with me.

    Any good open-source starting points?

    Heck - we could potentially even crowd-fund for an experienced developer to start the work for us! Something which could be community maintained.

    One thing I haven't figured out how to do on VirusHC, which I hope someone can help with (latest v2 rc9), is how to get the plug-in to remember settings and patches.

    I thought that the plugin should remember MIDI connection and patch settings on the project - right?

    So far, I've been writing to the Virus' RAM.

    I can have the USB port to control the presets (MacBook Pro with VirusHC) and the two MIDI ports to be connected to other hardware, Toraiz Squid, Analog Rytm MKII, Nord Modular, MiniBrute, etc, without depending on a computer?

    This would really be the ideal.

    You can certainly control presets on USB and use the MIDI ports to send and receive to/from external devices. However, if you have USB connected, the Virus *synth* engine won't receive MIDI on the 5 pin DIN MIDI input. In that case, you have to send MIDI notes etc. to the Virus via USB.

    That is a shame indeed.

    For now, for me, it's a potato. Let me explain... Just starting it says not to use the USB port, you have to use the MIDI port, leaving you without the possibility of using the synthesizer in an external way, you are conditioned to use it with DAW.

    I have a Nord Modular G2 and Nord Micromodular that have a patch editor, but, but, they have an exclusive MIDI port to connect with the computer, leaving another free MIDI port to do whatever you want, such as having a set of machines. The computer ONLY serves to deal with patches.

    This is what I expected from this fudge, that the USB port would be used to handle the Patchs and with the MIDI port used with an external drumboxs and synth system.

    I use the USB port for everything and it works fine. The limitation is on the Virus hardware end, in that when you have USB connected, it disables its own MIDI ports.

    I've raised this limitation several times on this forum.

    I’m not using USB when using HCvirus so it can’t be related to USB midi.. I also don’t know how you can say the latency is better, it’s exactly the same as with the plugin using the analog outputs..

    And may I ask how you are managing patches in your songs? Can you save a song with HCvirus in it and have it load it up the song’s patches automatically when opening?

    I can say the jitter is better using the plug-in with audio via USB, by looking at the timing of audio events in my DAW.

    The TI plug-in, with USB audio is usually pretty much bang on the start of the bar, for example. When using the external instruments mechanisms in Cubase and Ableton, it's more variable. Obviously, that's not possible with Catalina.

    I can say. the latency is better, when not using the plug-in with USB audio, because the latency between hitting a note on my keyboard and the audio being triggered is noticeable when using the plug-in. It's improved when using live mode, but then the timing of other parts gets thrown out of whack in terms of timing/jitter.

    Using MI, you're essentially using your Virus as an external instrument.

    I don't currently use the plug-in to reload the settings. I use it purely as an editor. When the new version lands, hopefully that and the librarian functionality will be improved.

    Mystery Islands Music is supposed to released a new Virus editor soon.


    That wouldn't solve Access' "total integration" fail, but I'll give it a try for sure as soon as it's available to check timing and stability issues skittb123 mentioned.

    Many thanks JetStarfire for this info :thumbup:

    It kinda works as-is, but it's a bit buggy. What I really want from it, is the capability to load from .mid bank files. I have a load of presets I've worked on over the years, which are saved on my Mac.

    If the plug-in version works too, that will be great.