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    Yep - I understand the MTT thing. Theoretically, the MTT hub will translate the 12MBit to USB2.0 speeds. However, I thought the whole point of MTT is that it will effectively translate each device separately to USB2?

    I'll give it another try tonight.

    So, to be clear Marc - you have Virus Ti connected to a 2013 (cylinder) Mac Pro? You're on OSX 10.10.3?

    You have Virus connected to an MTT hub, with nothing else on that hub?

    Where does the 7 port Belkin hub you mentioned elsewhere come into the equation? Do you just have the Virus connected to a 7 port Belkin, with 6 ports free?

    I guess if Virus is going to be the only thing connected to that hub, I'll have to buy another Belkin MTT hub...? I have a fair bit of kit which ultimately needs connecting to USB.

    Another interesting quirk.

    If I have my Cubase dongle connected on my Belkin (MTT) hub at the same time as Virus, the Cubase dongle stops being recognised. Somehow, the Virus is killing it.

    It's like Virus is sucking all the band-width or something...?

    Same happens if I have both plugged in directly to the Mac.

    I'm using the 5.1.1 beta (as I already said above). Both bit accurate and core audio fail in the same way. I've tried all buffer settings from minimum to maximum. I get the same issue if I use an RME device for audio and Virus purely for its plug-in.

    When I say "reckon", I'm not implying anything. No need to get defensive. I'm saying that I'm told that you have it working at Access. I'm not saying that I don't believe you.

    I'm working with your support guy to try and get to the root of the problem.

    I'm a professional software engineer myself, and understand how lack of reproducibility hinders investigation, but there do appear to be more than a few people with similar problems.

    Yep - I've just got a 2013 MacPro and my Virus won't work as a sound-card or plug-in without static distortion every few seconds.

    I've contacted Access support and they reckon it works OK on their Mac Pro.

    I've tried using my Belkin 4 port MTT hub, with no luck.

    I've tried every combination possible with USB connections.

    I'm on the latest Yosemite, the 5.1.1 beta and the latest Cubase 8 Pro and Live 9.

    Virus works OK on my 2011 MacBook Pro. I've done a fair few gigs with that combi.

    So - I'd say there's an incompatibility with Virus Ti and the newer USB 3 ports and internal hubs.

    I think Access need to take a deeper look at this.

    I''m interested in this too.

    I'm thinking of going for a Mac Pro this year, which only has 4 USB3 ports.

    I've used my Virus as sound-card and synth for live sets on my 2011 MacBook 13".

    So, I'm thinking either:

    1) Dock with more USB ports (like the Belkin)


    2) audio streamers like the Virus connected to 3 ports on the Mac and a hub for less time-critical devices.

    Any thoughts or suggestions welcome.

    Also keeping an eye on this one.

    Luckily, I've no live gigs involving Virus as sound card in the next month or two.

    In the New Year though, I've got several gigs coming up where I'll either have to drop back a version of OSX or hopefully there'll be an update to the Virus drivers.

    After I updated to Windows 8.1, everything works except Virus as sound card.

    I'll try re-loading the drivers when I get chance.

    It's not urgent since I use RME Hammerfall units for audio i/o.

    Tried PMing you, but you don't seem to be accepting messages: ""jamie8286" does not want to receive messages.". Probably because you're "not registered".

    I *might* be interested. Not too far away either - Ilkley, near Leeds.

    I am going to be out of the country for a week though, so would have to wait 'til I get back.

    How much do you reckon would make up the difference?

    Got it going with some nasty hacking.

    Installed 3.3.3.

    Installed 3.3.4 on my laptop which is running Win7 32 bit (which obviously updated the firmware).

    Manually extracted the .msi for 64 bit 3.3.4

    Updated the drivers manually.

    Copied the relevant other files to their usual places.

    Now seems to be working OK.

    I don't really want to have to do this again Access!


    when trying to install new firmware it rolls back the operation and doesn't install...

    Running Windows XP X64...

    Yep - same here.

    I don't have conclusive proof, but I think the firmware image might be incorrect on the 64 bit .msi package.

    There's definitely something wrong with the 64 bit installer though...

    Can't install on 64 bit version.

    Comes up with an ended prematurely message every time.

    I've tried re-installing 3.3, removing that and then installing 3.4. Various similar permutations.

    I'll have to go back to 3.3...

    Edit: a bit of digging and manually extracting the MSI seems to show that the 64 bit MSI might contain the wrong firmware image (3.3?). Might be worth checking the 64 bit release!

    People whre complaining about T.C. Eletronic that they where the only ones that not yet had x64 drivers for their products. They made these in mather of weeks and i was lucky to be in the betatesterprogram.

    Actually, if memory serves me correctly, they started work on 64 bit Vista drivers back in October/November 2007 and reported that good progress was being made a couple of months later.

    Certainly wasn't a case of a couple of weeks.


    Right, this one might be complicated to explain:

    I just got hold of a 2nd hand Supernova 2 to help me remix some old tracks.

    I've set Cubase up to have that unit configured as an external instrument.

    If I use my RME Hammerfall Multiface's MIDI port, everything's fine.

    Last night, I tried using the Virus' MIDI port to drive the Supernova and had the following problem:

    When I put a plug-in with large latency on the master output strip (Powercore MD3), the timing of the Supernova was audibly way out when compared to a VSTi based drum track.

    Removing MD3 improved things. Using the constrain PDC also improved things. Larger buffer sizes on the Hammerfall made things worse.

    It seems like the Virus' MIDI port has some kind of offset or it's reporting back an incorrect latency to the PDC mechanism in Cubase.

    Like I say - Hammerfall is fine in all the above scenarios.

    I've probably already described the relevant kit above, but as for versions: Cubase 5.1 PC (Vista 32 bit, Service Pack 2), TIOS

    It's not causing me immediate problems since I'll just use my other Hammerfall Multiface, but Access may want to look into this.