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    I noticed in the manual that it clearly states the Virus needs to be on a flat stable surface. Up until now, I had the Virus on the second tier of my stand where the metal bottom of the Virus was laying across the two metal arms of the tier, possibly causing some vibrational issues.

    So if I get you right, to replicate the ghost notes bug, one could simply take his powered-on Virus and shake it in his hands? I'm asking this because I think rather than find a condition when Virus does not exhibit the problem (which might be simply a coincidence and thus we can't be sure) we should search for a reliable way to reproduce the bug...

    I"ve had both stuck notes and phantom notes (Virus triggering notes on his own, usually if left alone for some time) with my stage setup which is Fantom G midi out -> Virus midi in -> Virus midi thru -> other synths, used for sending program change and midi clock from my Fantom (which is very stable and reliable and no other synths in the chain do anything like the Virus), USB is not connected, so maybe midi is really the problem, I'll look into it...


    I've just returned from the gig where my Virus was misbehaving in a very similar way (it happes only at gigs, never in studio of course :)... There are others who experience the same problems as you, but as far as I know, to this day we haven't been able to reliably reproduce this kind of bugs. I will try sweeping the filter rapidly, but is there anything else which you think can cause this behavior?

    are we having hardware or firmware issue here? I know that sometimes faulty knobs can send values on their own.

    Yep, I'm thinking the same. Quite a large number of knobs on my Virus are changing values themselves... Also, did anyone experienced this on keyboardless version of Virus (snow, TI desktop)?

    From what I have experienced with my Virus, I too think this problem is in some way related to MIDI and/or processing of the keyboard. Ghost note would be excess note on message, hanging note would be missing note off message... One of my theories is that keyboard or MIDI controller in the Virus sometimes misbehaves... Unfortunately, I wasn't able to further refine the condition when this happens, but I'm certain it's not OS version-dependent (happened to me with OS 3, 4 and 5) and it's not entirely patch-dependent (happened with several patches, although obviously some of them might have certain settings common)...

    Yep, happens to me too, only on stage of course :) If left alone for some time, my Virus triggers some note on its own. I haven't been able to track this down because it occurs too randomly, but I've experienced this with OS 3 (the OS version which came with my Virus) and newer. Also, it doesn't seem that this is dependent on some particular patch. My guess is that this is some keyboard-scanning hardware issue (something like pots changing their values on their own)...


    is there any place where I can download Virus TI (not TI2) _RAM_ banks? I've only found ROM banks to download, which are no help in my current situation (for playing live, I need to get particular Virus patches used in some project and the only thing I know about them is their bank/patch numbers and that they are factory patches from Virus TI). Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks! :)

    Just to clarify, the only thing that I've experienced is that my virus on very rare occasions triggers random notes, but the sound is OK, no weird noises, nothing like that -- it's exactly like notes played from the keyboard. The only way I noticed that is that I've leaved virus turned on for a longer period of time with an arp hold on.

    I don't think it's anything that drastic, my (very wild) guess is that the behavior might be caused by 1) some weird bug in multi mode, 2) problem in keyboard controller or keyboard scanning (so that the main CPU receives false "note on" messages; this might be similar to pots changing values themselves which I've also experienced on Virus), 3) problem in MIDI reception -- all my keyboards are clocked from an external source using good old midi cables and sadly, Virus has notoriously poor MIDI clock reception (even when using only MIDI in port); in cases I remember the arpeggiator was on, so maybe the not-so-stable arp or midi implementation is to blame...?

    The only thing I can say for sure is that this problem occured after leaving the virus turned on and untouched for a longer period of time (like, between the soundcheck and the gig -- the sound man was quite surprised :huh:), if I had to choose the most likely option, I'd go with number 2...

    I've experienced something similar in the past (multi mode, stand-alone without USB, only with external MIDI clock coming in thru midi in port, several OS versions). This behavior is very rare and I wasn't able to replicate or further track the issue, but I can confirm that it happens only in multi mode...

    This is just awesome! These updates are quite unbelievable -- if I compare the Virus I bought (back in the days of early OS 3) with the one I have now... wow! Thanks to everyone at Access! These free updates are by far the best and the most unique "feature" of your already great synth! :)

    I have the same problem with template for Akai Miniak, which has even more peculiar NRPN ranges, for example from 16377 to 7 (yes, 16377 is the minimum, they have spiced up the MIDI implementation with this signed/unsigned nonsense) -- is there any way how to make virus send those values, or are we just out of luck with these "nonstandard" devices and the knobs can only send values in the range 0-127? Thanks!

    Prophet 8 is essentially 8 Mophos in one case, so unless you need polyphony, you already have that sound :) The question is, do you want analog or digital?


    it would be great to have this little feature (as implemented for example on some Korgs, where it is called "key sync"), which affects how arpeggios are played when Virus (in stand-alone mode) is synced to external MIDI clock:

    1) When the key sync is on, the arpeggio is played as soon as the keyboard is pressed. Virus gets BPM from MIDI, but not the absolute position of the clock beats in time (this is currently the only option, I believe -- please correct me if I am wrong).

    2) On the other hand, when the key sync is off, the arpeggio would be played in sync with the MIDI BPM _and_ the clock beats (this is effectively a kind of input quantization) -- this would be very useful for building giant, perfectly synced parallel arpeggios coming from multiple keyboards :)

    If 2) is already possible somehow (maybe sending MIDI realtime "start" or "continue" message from sequencer...?), pleeeease let me know :)

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    my TI2 keyboard has the same symptoms and while I wish this would be a software issue, I am 99% sure that the source of this behavior are faulty pots -- they send small changes of values even if not turned manually (you can sometimes spot the change if you set Display Time in Config--Knob Behavior to maximum value). I've experienced this "pot plague" with various cheaper "chinese" gear (Novation, Korg...) in the past, but it's kinda dissapointing that this very expensive boutique synth suffers from it too :(

    The only workaround (except for returning the unit or replacing the pots) is to set Response in Config--Knob Behavior to "Snap", so the pot must be turned to specified position before the value can be changed, but this is hardly a satisfying solution...