Arpeggiator key sync when using external MIDI clock?

  • Hi,

    it would be great to have this little feature (as implemented for example on some Korgs, where it is called "key sync"), which affects how arpeggios are played when Virus (in stand-alone mode) is synced to external MIDI clock:

    1) When the key sync is on, the arpeggio is played as soon as the keyboard is pressed. Virus gets BPM from MIDI, but not the absolute position of the clock beats in time (this is currently the only option, I believe -- please correct me if I am wrong).

    2) On the other hand, when the key sync is off, the arpeggio would be played in sync with the MIDI BPM _and_ the clock beats (this is effectively a kind of input quantization) -- this would be very useful for building giant, perfectly synced parallel arpeggios coming from multiple keyboards :)

    If 2) is already possible somehow (maybe sending MIDI realtime "start" or "continue" message from sequencer...?), pleeeease let me know :)

    Best regards,