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    I am sure I have a back up of 275 somewhere and while I would like to help you I think the copyright will not allow me to post this or make it available for download. Your best bet is to contact Access Support and ask for it. I am sure they will help you. I guess Marc will be able to give you more definite advice.

    Those patches that appear in Favourites1/2/3 are categories of the patch. A patch can have two categories for example on my TI KB "Expense HS" has the first category set to "Pad" and the second category set to "Favourites 3" . This patch is then listed in the Favourites 3 panel. You can change the category setting for each patch (in RAM) under Edit/Categories.

    I hope this helps.

    The ROM banks are flash ROM and basically read only (from the perspective of the TI. You can not save to ROM). You have to load the sound into RAM to change/edit them. Ok you would only need enough RAM to hold one patch but writing to ROM is time consuming and is actually done via the USB cable from the computer using the Virus Control Center programme. The RAM banks are a nice feature to quickly store edited patches or new creation without the need to have a computer connected just because you want to edit a few patches. Also you can easily create a collection of sound for you performance without the need to dial through all the ROM banks to get to the next patch you want to play. I see the ROM as a repository of thousands of patches and the RAM as a performance repository that can be changed on the fly.

    You are right the patches in the RAM banks are copies from ROM patches waiting to hold all those new patches you are going to create.

    You have to load your bank "mypatches" into the TI Ram or ROM. Then all the patches in your bank will be on the TI itself. Consult the manual or search the forum if you don't know how todo it. I suspect that the other problem is related. Your banks on the VC and the TI are not in sync. For example you loaded a bank from disk and haven't saved that bank to the TI. Therefore you will have a different number of patches in that and other categories. However, this is pure speculation as I don't know what exactly you did or didn't do.

    Hi Matt,

    You have to copy the files to the install location of the factory presets. On a mac this is in /Library/Application Support/Access Music/Virus TI/Patches
    On windows I have no idea. Anyway, once you've copied them there they will show up in the VC browser. Or you can transfer them to the TI Flash ROM using the Virus Control Center program.

    That error message point to indicate that you have different versions on your Snow and your windows drivers. Have you had your Snow connected when you updated your drivers? The installer installs the same version on your Synth and your computer at the same installation. If it did not work the first time try reinstalling.

    You can set key follow in the edit Lfo screen.
    Or you set this up in the Matrix. For example: Key Follow and Lfo1 Rate. Depending on the intensity you set the lfo rate will decrease or increase. You can not map a certain keys to a certain lfo rates for example c1->1/4, C2->1/6, ... or so you have to find the right intensity/lfo rate setting for a particular key and the other keys will then show a linear relationship between lfo rate and the key pressed. If you want a non-linear relationship you have to make a double assignment in some other slot and assign the slot intensity also to key follow. I guess the latter is not really clear but read the programming analog synthesizer documentation it is mentioned in there. Otherwise ask here again.

    I have left my crystal ball at home but I assume you are running a Mac. If the driver installed correctly you should have two 'Access Music' folders. One in /Applications and one in /Library/Application Support. If you don't have them reinstall the driver.

    Fixed other than its the value in brackets that changes now (which should be original value), and they are the wrong way round... At least you can read it now, though

    I can confirm that the brackets are around the wrong parameter. They should be around the original value but are around the tweaked parameter. I guess this is a rather cosmetic error.

    Thanks. I have managed to get two instruments set up (in Logic) and each Ti can be controlled by an individual VC. Logic hasn't crashed for a while now but I havn't pushed the system really. I can determine which VC controls what Ti by looking at the different patches loaded. I'll continue to build a proper set up if I can.

    Can I connect two virus ti's to logic 9 and control them independently via VC? If yes, what do I have to do and how can I distinguish the two devices from each other in the DAW? At the moment I get a nice crash when I connect the 2nd Ti.