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    Thanks so much... :thumbsup:

    Very well explained & thanks for the tips...... now I get it.

    Been thinking of a RME 400 or a while, I try to go for quality items, hence having a DeskTop Virus Ti too.
    Should blend all in well with all my other stuff as well.

    Many thanks again ... Cheers :D

    Hi :)

    I'll be getting a 'RME Fireface 400' next week to hook up to my iMac 10.6.4 2.4 GHz Intel Core Duo 4GB

    I've NEVER used the SPDIF in's & out's on my Virus Ti Desktop, which is connected via USB direct into iMac.
    Have used (of cause) analog outs into my Edirol UA-25EX as my Virus Ti is NOT using it's own interface.
    My Edirol should still work with the RME…. so all should be cool !!

    My Q's are…
    Can I use the SPDIF of the Virus Ti connected to 'RME Fireface 400' SPDIF to get the Audio / Analog ?(
    (I know I can use the stereo in's for this on either Edirol or RME)
    But … they will have the stereo out connections of Rolands VG-99 & GR-55 & others things.

    Is that what SPDIF does ?( …. sure hope so !! ... &
    Do you connect both In & out or just one ?(

    Many thanks for any input to this …. Cheers :D

    Zummooz 8)

    Hi egoboo
    Have a look in virus control in FX 1 GUI page & in the INPUT section see if it
    is set to OFF if it's on STATIC will cause a noise.
    Sorry only thing I can think of & makes a noise when I set it to static.

    Hi lore
    No worries, 1st thought it must have been in logic.
    But seems like it must be something in Snow Virus.
    Thought it would be much the same as Virus Ti Desktop thou....
    As stated all works as should with mine, all latest version's.
    Hope you get a fix A.S.A.P
    Might be worth a email to support....Unless they already know about this problem.
    Cheers have a great weekend :D

    Hi lore
    (D) is for direct audio in virus ti desktop….
    Sorry ignore about (D) button it's not on snow virus…my fault !!
    Your snow must look like page 9 in addendum pdf. Where as my virus desktop
    looks like page 44 of same pdf. Sorry for confusion…

    OK lets try this…
    In Logic 9 go to say midi track 1….Open little triangle bottom left corner, which opens up automation lanes.
    Click on rectangle box (that probably says volume) which opens menu.
    In here should have something saying (main & 1 virus ti or in your case might say 1 virus snow)
    In this menu go to virus snow & select part 1 (as your on midi track 1)
    In here should see a complete list of all parameters to set controls to.
    Select what you want to control in this automation lane.
    Repeat doing as above mentioned (In a new lane) to which ever parameters you want.
    This all works fine & easy in logic 9 & desktop virus ti....I hope it's much the same as snow virus.
    When selected parameter you should be able to move level meter left hand side of auto lane
    up & down & at same time see movement in virus control knobs , or move selected parameter
    in virus control & see that meter going up or down in logic auto lane.

    Can right click in virus control...But that just changes different menus in different settings !!
    I think what your saying about right click & don't see a menu, is you don't need to, it's done in the DAW
    But this is sometimes the case with other plug-ins thou…Example Native Instruments

    If i'm wrong about anything mentioned here, I'm sure someone else will chime in.
    Shouldn't be that much difference between Virus Ti Snow or Virus Ti Desktop.
    Also remember Logic 9 has different ways of working than Cubase….I moved from Cubase 4 to Logic 9 & love it.

    I'd get you to send your logic project to me ,but thats no good as I don't have snow !!
    Sorry for delay ,I think where in different parts of the world….I'm Downunder in Sydney Australia
    Hope this helps a bit more
    Cheers to ya & let me know if this gets you up & running !! :D

    Edit....Example of what I stated above is on page 7 of 'Apple Logic Tutorial' pdf
    Also this Quote......taken from Virus Ti setup guide page 20
    About automation
    The Virus TI allows you to automate every feasible parameter of the sound engine.
    The parameters which cannot be automated are those which would create an audible artifact were you to change
    them whilst you play a note.
    Amongst these are, for instance, oscillator types which switch algorithms within the sound engine.
    Either all parameters are automatically “enabled” for automation, or you need to enable a parameter manually
    by right-clicking on it in Virus Control and choosing the option to add it from the contextual menu.
    Whenever possible we’ve used the automatic mode which saves you the step of enabling a parameter for automation.

    Hi all
    I have seen some posts marked with (SOLVED) Good on ya those people.
    I've done this on 1 of my posts / problems I started......that was fixed.
    I truly believe that if EVERYONE did this to any problem they have had & has been fixed,
    it would make it very easy for anyone else experiencing any similar problems to find a fix.

    SO PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING & ADD......(SOLVED) your headline post you started that has had a fix.

    Thank you all & kind regards 8) Zummooz :D

    Hi lore
    How you described (Automation) in Logic 9 is correct.
    Only thing I can think of is in logic's Preferences / Midi / plug-in ticked ?
    Have you got correct matching midi channels set ie: in Logic & virus & correct ?
    Main outs in virus ie: USB 1 etc NOT outs 1+ 2
    The (D) is NOT lit on virus's midi channel.
    Just open a example project & try so you don't stuff up anything important !!
    Hope this helps in some way.....
    Cheers to ya :D

    Hi omowglio
    I have same setup as you & it should be in your....
    Mac HD / Library / App Support / Access Music / Virus Ti / Patches
    In the Virus TI folder you should have these 4 folders ....Cache....Common....Patches....Remote Templates
    NOT in your....home / Library / Audio / Presets / Etc Etc
    Cheers to ya :D

    Hi infraction

    Page 28 0f Addendum pdf.
    Backup and Restore.......
    Backup and Restore allows you to write the entire memory content (including all RAM and ROM banks along with all multi patches)
    to one single file on your hard drive.
    To perform a backup, select the Backup and Restore tab, hit Backup and choose a filename and file location.
    Once that’s done, confirm by clicking “OK”.
    Depending on your Virus TI model, backing up the entire memory takes between 5 and 25 minutes.
    Restoring a backup file is equally simple.
    Switch to the Backup and Restore tab, hit Restore, select the file you wish to restore from and click “OK”.

    Burn To Flash......
    Burn To Flash allows you to overwrite the content of the ROM banks in your Virus TI.
    As you may have already noticed, the Virus TI memory has been expanded to 26 ROM banks
    and all the new ones are only filled with INIT sounds.
    All those unused banks are waiting to be filled using Burn To Flash.
    In order to transfer a bank of sounds to the ROM section you need to select a source bank first.
    The “Select source bank” menu shows exactly the same choice of banks you see in Virus Control.

    Cheers :D

    Hi Marc
    For some reason if you have the plug-ins & components for both snow virus & virus Ti
    and your only got & using Virus Ti.
    When loading in Kore 2 or Logic 9 it picks up the snow component 1st
    So this is why , I always delete these other bits after any up-date on my virus Ti desktop.
    S (snow) comes before V (Virus)......
    All works fine for me !! Virus runs like a dream !! :thumbsup:


    Hi HotzingTone
    Are you using Virus Control ie: with your imac in a live situation
    Or using as standalone analog......
    Need to state more clearly what is happening or not happening !!
    Or what you did to cause these issues.
    I've never had any of the things you stated (in your sometimes list ) happen to me.
    Have you ever filed your problems to 'Support' ?
    Need more info.....Cheers

    Good-ya to you GTIVR6fan

    From Sydney , Australia
    Welcome to the world of Virus , Sure you will enjoy.

    Nice step - up from the X Station , Id say.
    Sounds like your in the know of synth's already , that will be a +

    All the best to ya & enjoy what's before you.

    Cheers from Downunder :D

    P.S...Dose a KC run on the same Software / Version as Virus Ti & Snow ?( just curious .

    Hi ozz

    Open up Virus Control & hit on the ( ? ) in the bottom right hand corner
    then should be able to see all documents / manuals
    Or on imac will be in your......Apps / Access Music / Virus Ti or Snow / Documents / Manuals
    Also look at Tutorials (in same area) there is a Logic one in there.

    Man if I started without the tutorials / manuals , I'd be lost to !! ;)

    Hope this helps........Cheers :D

    P.S......Don't worry we were all in the same boat with a new (toy) Virus Ti

    Hi ozz

    On my desktop Ti , there is system settings ,not sure if snow has, most probably.
    In system settings you can turn down brightness to off in BPM / LFO = 0%
    Or have up real bright for live on stage in dark light.
    There are different settings for LFO , for how you want it to shine.
    All on page 95 + 96 in Virus Ti Reference documents.