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    with the newest version of cubase i have massive problems loading up the virus.
    it starts to enlight the circle when opening the vst and then hangs up at the half.
    from that point it will only enlight the first element of the circle.

    deleting the virus from the project, shutting it down and power it up again solves the problem until opening it next time...

    in cubase 7.0.4 there were no problems.

    windows 7 x64
    virus newest driver


    i got a serious problem because i cannot export a track without errors... :(
    i am using the virus with automation, filter fade und sometimes you can hear the a click if the note is released.
    and sometimes the virus keeps holding a note over a longer time even if it is not played...
    i am using cubase on windows 7 x64 with virus ti as my soundcard.
    setting asio buffer to 256 wount play, higher than 512 is not possible.
    what can i do?



    thanks for your answer.
    i will test around some interfaces then.

    i was really talking about the 0404 :)…px?category=610&pid=15185

    there are only beta drivers availlable...
    and i cannot understand how a company calls itself professional audio and did not manage to get a driver for an os that is so long availlable that its successor is availlable now ;)
    so emu is no longer an option for me...


    i am using the Virus TI2 as my Audio Interface now, because my EMU did not satisfied me.
    My question is if the Virus loses CPU power for calculating synthesizer sounds when using its audio interface or are these two seperate processors inside it?

    Additionally i would like to know what audio interfaces are you using, because i do not want to use the Virus for this.
    The EMU 0404 has no Windows 7 support and lacks options, is very badly shielded and i had always USB sounds in it.
    The Virus do not really works great with it because of buffer settings etc.

    I would like to have an external interface with volume knob, good Cubase and Virus compatibility and maybe software mixing for using Cubase with ASIO and playing back sounds on Windows (but thats not a must).


    happy easter mates!

    im aware of the thing with long release hitting the next notes etc. what i didnt know was that the virus calculates at release. but it sounds a bit strange...

    whatsoever, i thought of a simple try... i can export my patch and you could try it, if it drops at your system too the result would be a too complex patch.

    if you are interested i could export it when i am back home, just to try out...

    btw. i am working as an engineer in a music company, so i can easily understand the need of processing power by musical equipment...
    so this is no charging of access, its just a kind of disappointment because i dreamed of a virus for years now and finally having it... you know?
    but i am still impressed by the (remaining) sound capabilities and you, the community :)

    that complexety meter is nice, i didnt notice before :)

    ok here i am again, the midi is playing 4 notes on only 1 virus synth. complexety meter is at 2.all three oscillators in use. 2 classic and one saw sub osci in use.noise in use. filter 1 and 2 low pass. some lfo, analog boost and chorus. thats all...
    and as stated above: unison on 4.

    reducing unsion to 2 helps, as already stated, but i thing this is an lack of power because the virus isnt doing that much...

    so will this be the conclusion?
    my sound is too complex for the virus?

    pretty disappointing, although its a really lovely device.

    the ti3 should get way more cpu power...


    sorry for the late reply but i was a bit busy and i reinstalled my complete system.

    I just made a sample export for you, maybe this can make it easier to discribe the problem ;)

    the sample plays 5 times the same sequence.
    already the first block misses the 4th notes and it seems as the virus plays the missing ones in the next block.
    the 4th block is missing the same notes again.

    what i tried already:
    asio settings

    no change

    what seemed to help is decreasing unison to 2.

    but i think this is a very bad solution because it would tell me that my 1600€ gadget is not able to play with all its possibilities enabled...
    as you can hear i already moved the delay and reverb and so on to external vsts.

    please tell me that this is not a lack of power of the ti ;)


    i noticed one major and another maybe related problem...

    when i program a melody or something in cubase my virus randomly skips a note or even a harmony.
    and not that often i got crackles in the exported sounds...

    the only hint i got is the error message "odd buffer size..." which tells me to set the buffer size to something n*64.
    heres the problem i think... i got an emu0404 which only let me set the bit depth and sample time in 5ms steps...

    can this cause the problem?
    do i need to change drivers/audio device?

    my setup:
    win7 64
    Cubase 5

    so i figured out that this happens if i increase unison to above 3.

    so do i reached the maximum number of voices my ti can do?

    that would be really disillusioning...

    i can easily rebuild that problem by taking two patches witch lot of unison...


    im really new to the ti2 as you can imagine because this is my first post ;)
    but i am already stuck into a problem that may be solved with more knowledge...
    so here is my problem:
    i have a project on cubase 5 with only the virus ti.
    he first of the 16 slots plays the eurosaw with some accords.
    in the second slot i put a arpeggiator played by another midi track at channel 2.
    so i recognized that everything is fine if the channels play solo.
    if i turn on both channels some notes from the second channel are missing or ducked.
    so i switched to a simple sound on channel 2 and it is also not playing correctly with both channels on.
    i changed the usb port but all didnt help.
    what is the problem?
    i wount believe that the virus has not enough voices to play with two channels so it may be a configuration problem?

    thx for your help :)