Using two patches at the same time

  • hi

    im really new to the ti2 as you can imagine because this is my first post ;)
    but i am already stuck into a problem that may be solved with more knowledge...
    so here is my problem:
    i have a project on cubase 5 with only the virus ti.
    he first of the 16 slots plays the eurosaw with some accords.
    in the second slot i put a arpeggiator played by another midi track at channel 2.
    so i recognized that everything is fine if the channels play solo.
    if i turn on both channels some notes from the second channel are missing or ducked.
    so i switched to a simple sound on channel 2 and it is also not playing correctly with both channels on.
    i changed the usb port but all didnt help.
    what is the problem?
    i wount believe that the virus has not enough voices to play with two channels so it may be a configuration problem?

    thx for your help :)

  • so i figured out that this happens if i increase unison to above 3.

    so do i reached the maximum number of voices my ti can do?

    that would be really disillusioning...

    i can easily rebuild that problem by taking two patches witch lot of unison...

  • Yes the TI, like any other synth, has finite polyphony - if you are running out of polyphony with just two patches you might want to consider streamlining them...

  • yeah, its clear that this cant be unlimited, but i didnt expect to reach the limit that easy...

    what do you mean by streamlining?

    Not using excessive unison (there are other, less lazy, ways to thicken out a sound), shave bits off reverb time, delay feedback and envelope release, remove things like analog boost and such, too, if you really are struggling. Beyond that I would have to fiddle with the preset myself.

  • also ti use 2 dsp ,one chip for odd channel(1,3,5,..) and one chip for even channel (2,4,6,...)

    Are you sure about that one? Makes no sense since it uses both dsps when in single mode. I'm pretty sure it assigns the different DSPs as it needs to rather than on a needlessly fixed regime like that...

  • [quote='AtonyB',index.php?page=Thread&postID=13705#post13705][quote='heckmat',index.php?page=Thread&postID=13691#post13691]also ti use 2 dsp ,one chip for odd channel(1,3,5,..) and one chip for even channel (2,4,6,...)

    marc still didn't confirm it but it discussed many times in forum ..
    i don't think ti sum and output all parts by 2 dsp in the same time and also they didn't use reverb and delay as a master fx and i suppose 1 chip isn't enough to handle all 16 parts they added 2 dsp chip and it seems these chip have their independent calculation..

  • In the case of even and odd channels: thats a fact. I produce my tracks around this truth. Test it out... Start a project and put a super hefty hypersaw with a density of 9 on both oscillators with the 3rd oscillator and a sub oscillator with a unison detune of 8 voices on channels 1,3,5,7... And you should be cool to play whatever you want on the even ones. I have noticed that even though the even-odd thing is real, which patch cuts out seems random.

    When I produce a track I put my simple monophonic low FX patches on odd channels and put my powerhouse polyphony hog polyphonic patch on channel 2.