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    Okay since 2010 when I bought my Access Virus Ti and Imac 27" I have been battling with access and Marc about my snow sync problems. We came to the agreement it was a internal USB bus problem. I tried that USB hub thing, different USB plugs, cords, everything. The virus was used in many records, but was fickle. I am glad to say that with my Imac running OS X Yosemite and the latest Access driver Im working 100&. No matter what i do, I can't get my virus out of sync, Even if i change preset really fast. Well done Marc and the Access crew !! :D

    So I have my virus snow hooked up thru the WONDERFUL Belkin 7 port powered usb hub. That has fixed some problems with the virus, But using logic i have sync issues and get the red message at the bottom. But with Live, my virus works wonderful.

    I really like Logic much better then Live. So someone please help !!!

    I think what you guys forgot about is the fact that Access products start at over a $1000 here in the US. Most kids making dub step / complextro are using cracked versions of soft synths and DAWs. For those making money in the industry that know the true power of investing in a Virus, are way ahead of the game.

    Really, Sugar Bytes, made a soft synth, that makes mostly wobbles, and dub step type basses. AND what did they do ???? Put a damn video game in the middle of the programmer, like Space Invaders on a synth ?? Can you tell what there target market is ??? LOL

    I would really would love hear music, using just 25% of the power some of these synths have right now. Its disapointing to me that most producers are making HITS, with presets and arps.

    Lastly, I would LOVE to be on a dance floor in a huge club with proper sound while a track is being played, with Moog Basslines, Virus Pads, and Dave Smith Leads. It would probably make ears explode !!!!! Its a shame people waste so much time on mastering. Use real synths, with big sounds like the virus, problem solved !!

    You know its funny, but because the Virus, is expensive, cant be illegally download, and everyone doesn't have one. Yeah, Its drum loops, a hip hop sample, and 14 bass sounds from the virus TI2 Desktop. I just loaded, 16 kick ass sounds on the virus channels. Wrote one Midi region and divided them to all channels of the virus. Boom done. quick and easy. Love this synth !!!

    Apogee Duet sound is incredible. And the fact that the Volume Controls on the keyboard work is the best. BUT Apogee has been VERY buggy since lion. My iMac, Firewire and Apoge Duet have not worked correctly since. Apogee is blaming apple, saying that the bandwidth, or voltage of the iMac firewire port is to blame. Every now and then the sound in from the apogee sounds like a bit reducer. No fix as of now. I'm actually using the Virus Snow as my sound card and love it.


    I cannot believe how happy I am with my Virus Snow on my new Macbook pro, Lion, Logic 9. I have had nothing but problems with my iMac 27" I7. Both apples have the same programs, versions, and almost same specs. But I guess this was a USB issue i was having with the IMAC. Really the iMac and macbookpro, don't have the best options. But Plugged into the USB port closest to the power plug. This virus is running mint.

    I was also having an issue with my Apogee Duet Firewire. I guess some peole should really look into blaming Apple instead of Access.

    Marc, Im sorry for trashing your company's product. But so far my love of this synth is making me forget about using my 13" MBP, instead of the iMac 27"

    Okay, Today, Im running over this Piece of SHIT with my truck. Access has been no help, I have completed 6 tracks since buying this CRAP, and haven't used it once.

    I will be posting MULTIPLE videos of this virus acting up. I WILL make sure, there are more videos on how crappy this piece of shit is on youtube, then people actively using it.

    I am FN sick and tired wasting my time trying to use this thing. Please contact me, if your also having problems with this unit, Seems to be ALOT of people. I am considering buying space at this years NAMM show. Showing off how bad this product is !!!!

    Todays Problems,

    2 virus parts, 1 a simple Monophonic bassline, then a simple Poly Saw pad. Every time the pad hits, the bass line cuts out.
    When I go to change the pad sounds in TI, It won't change. The preset on the VC is not the one on the display on the unit.
    I tried restarting the virus, and now logic won't find it.

    For $1400 USD I should not be Wasting time with hardware !!! X(

    While I'm not 100% happy with my virus snow. I have found Arturia a lot worse. I owned The 49key controller "The Lab". Biggest hunk of junk ever. The knobs, and buttons on the controller were glitchy and unresponsive. You could only tweak certain controls of the sounds and the CPU would max out randomly while playing. I found there Support Team weak. There are very few updates, and a lot of there software is still only 32 bit.

    I'm an active remixer in the US. Love the sounds out of the virus but, have not used it yet on one track. I still have faith that Marc, and his team will get the TI perfect with Lion, iMac, and Logic Pro 9.

    One last thing, my Dave Smith stuff, sounds better then any Moog I have played, and a lot cheeper.

    So i have done my fair share of Bitching on this board and am finally extremely happy with my Virus Snow. On that note, Hello all !!! I'm Mike Matthews, a Dj, Keyboardist, Remixer & Virus Ti Snow user. From New York, with another studio in Alabama. I am one half of the remix duo Order of Sound. Below is a link to my sound cloud and new Facebook fan page.

    Besides Access, my setup contains : I7 iMac 27" 3.3ghz 16gbRAM , Apogee Duet, Dave Smith Tetra & Mopho, Yamaha Hsm-50 monitors with 10" HSM Sub, Moto Midi Express, Furman Power, and Native Instruments Maschine & Kore 2 controllers. I am a certified Logic Pro 9 user, and soon to be Ableton live trainer. Although Motu DP, and Cubase 6 are sometimes used on collabs with others. Favorite plug-ins / Soft Synths, Really love NI Kore 2, Razor, Komplete 5,6,7,8, Omnispere, Trillian, Rob Papen, Subboom Bass, RG, RP Verb, Cytomic The Glue, Melodyne Editor, P2P Vintage Warmer, and Korg Leg. Collection.

    So thats it for now, links are below. But most of all, I love what I do so introduce your self and lets talk some more.

    DjMikeMatthews@mac.com :D

    Okay, I really don't care about the whole analog / digital thing. My main thing is moving away from SoftSynths, and getting hardware synths. In a very competitive remix business. I feel the only way to stand out and be different is to spend money on classic keyboards that can't be illegally downloaded or traded VSTs.

    Btw a friend of mine just got the Korg M1 soft synth program, and it sounds nothing like my actual 20 year old Korg M1 keyboard.

    But yeah, stay tuned for links of my remixes with these products !!