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    Thank you VERY much Joerg, this is exactly what I needed :)

    The VST3 version definitely works perfectly fine in Cubase since quite a long while now, so this is nothing specific to the VST3 plugin. I can only assume this being an issue with the VST3 inside Sonar at this point. Cubase shows all 3 USB outs perfectly fine when using the VST3 plugin there.

    Best wishes,
    Jörg Hüttner

    I have an issue and am simply collecting the best data available to trying to help get it fixed. So yes, of course I am serious.

    Please read this thread. As background, Sonar has been upgraded to support vst3 and the the vst3 of the virus does not work correctly inside of Sonar.. so of course my suspicion is that Sonar has some initial issues with its vst3 implementation (a reasonable assumption).

    HOWEVER when I search this forum for anything on Virus Control as VST3 all I see is references to a number of issues and "better to still use VST2"..and I see zero references to VST3 working correctly or well, in any DAW. So look at it from that perspective...without any evidence that the VST3 works correctly its a perfectly reasonable and simple question.

    Sonar has so far operated rather flawlessly with the Virus (under vst2) and I have been in contact with Noel, the CTO of cakewalk and they wish to resolve any issues on their end to get this operating fully and correctly. I have raised a ticket with tech support here at Access (#SI00074897) and hopefully they as engineers are willing to talk to Cakewalk.. as assuming that the VST3 works correctly I am sure its a simple issue on their (cakewalk) end.


    that's a great job Daniel, excellent synth work. I am not super familiar with the original, but it stands on its own feet!.. I "followed" you on soundcloud.

    oh.. btw, how did you embed the soundcloud player into the forum post?..

    thx, ian

    If you are planning to use a DAW and have not yet purchased the Integra 7, I suggest investigating the state of any VST editor with Roland or their forums.

    A read through the threads here will get you some feel for which DAWs work well with the Ti.. I cannot comment on anything other than PC and Sonar, which works really well.

    if your mindset is "I wonder what is the best piano that the Virus can do" then go ahead, knock yourself out.. but if it is "I want a realistic piano".. forget it.

    PCM architecture synths do a fair/decent job on pianos, however their patches are based on samples piano wavs. one per octave at the low end and 4 per note at the high end.
    A realistic piano require significant samples to do well.. 150-400MB is not uncommon...or, a complete architecture for modeling like the Roland VPiano.

    I went through this a number of times but its not a dialog box issue, as with selection of "all stereo outs" the three tracks should appear... also if you take an audio track you simply cannot select the VC USB 1 stereo pair as an input.. shows just not to exist.
    additionally the routing is wrong in the VST3 version as stated above.

    In the first instance I would like a confirmation that VC works correctly as VST3.. most old posts seem to get vague on this issue... ?

    if the VST3 works well for others on other DAW, then Cakewalk is already aware there is an issue and stated they will work with Access to resolve it..

    obviously if the VST3 is flakey then I will just use VST2 and forget it...


    I have just upgraded to Sonar x3 and for the first time can use VST3.

    Everything seems fine at first glance using VST2 however when I launch Virus Control as a VST3 I cannot see the third set of audio outs.

    I see USB 2, and USB 3.. and when I set a patch to output on USB 1, it plays on the indicated USB 2 pair, set to USB 2 and it plays on USB 3 and set to USB 3 and nothing..

    Can someone confirm that VST3 works with VC before I take this up with Cakewalk?..

    thx, Ian

    I had to check the date to make sure it was not april 1st..

    Its not, so, given the Virus is extremely well made, its pretty clear to me you have serious issues with your computer system, not your Virus.

    So, if you have any interest in getting help to get it going I suggest you post specifics so that folks can try to help!..

    if , on the other hand, you just wish to hate, go post on KVR or elsewhere.. somebody there may listen or even believe you ;)

    thanks for the thumbs and feedback guys :)

    I hear what you are saying about the bass... I took a break for 6-8 hours and when I came back to it, yes it does seem a bit forward.. there is a 2dB hump in the LF response on the analysis that supports that. The vocal were a real challenge given Alison had so much power.. I will try a mix with the vocals a little lower, and perhaps up the reverb (there is a lot on the original). I wont however, disclose that I had inserted reverb on the snare but it somehow was turned

    note to self.. no mastering at 3am .. thanks again, Ian

    thanks for the confirmation, it operates as I suspected.

    I am not sure you are completely correct?.... In my case, this does not happen when a USB connection is established.. the Virus can be plugged in via USB, and as it is not the audio device for the system the sound generator can play via the midi ports. The midi ports are shut off when a program is launched that uses the USB midi ports.

    There are plenty of times, and about 50 this last week alone, where I needed to play through midi vs USB.. to make a comparison of sequenced tracks between Sonar and an MC-808, and shutting a large DAW project down just to do this was getting towards being irritating.. and thanks for the workaround suggestion, yes I know I could do that but a0 this represented a standalone/live application vs computer application comparison and b) adding a random extra 8 loop tracks to a client project simply to overcome a limitation of the virus connectivity wasn't a solid option... I would have had to hide them, then I would have forgot about them and then totally pooped myself sometime later when obscure stuff started to happen!..

    fyi, other synths easily manage this, even those which also support USB audio and I don't have to disconnect usb or shut down programs to use those synths :). I guess I can put in a feature request and see what happens....

    I think the answer is no, but just to check..

    When my Virus Ti 2 Polar remains connected via USB, at any time a DAW (or other USB midi oriented program) opens, the Virus disables midi in from the synth sound section (as it gets redirected to Ti-midi port) . This occurs even if the program is not using the Virus..

    Other synths have the ability to select the midi source for the sound engine so the quick question is.. Is there a way to (from the Virus) to toggle the USB midi on/off ?.. well, what I want is to have midi midi ON, but I realize this cant happen when USB mode is active:)


    Thanks for the starter on this.. I can see where the timbre comes from now (the resonance playing with keyfollow) and I am getting somewhat close, but cannot seem to get quite the right amount of "quack" from the tone.. even with resonance at ~100 and KF at 50..reducing the base key helps but am still not there..

    So, I can sample it and make do, or i can substitute for it, but i would really like to recreate the synth intro to Yazoo's only you.. Right at the start its the arpeggiated A chord...and I cant even seem to get close to the right timbre..

    a lot to learn, any ideas?