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    It's kinda laughable now.

    I've almost retired my Virus Ti. Very rarely turn it on now. Used to be my main work-horse.

    That's very sad.. :( I'm probably very stubborn but it's still my go-to synth... even though I had to buy a Presonus Quantum 2626 audio interface and Cubase 10.5 for it.. and now that I think about it that's also kind of ridiculous.. since Big Sur will probably make it completely useless... :cursing:

    I bought my Virus TI 2 Keyboard in January 2019. Since it was (and still is) advertised with total integration, I think this is a warranty issue.

    From a legal perspective this is actually a warranty issue for you. EU consumer law states that a product should at least work as advertised for 2 years. (And in some countries such as NL it's actually as long as reasonable.) You actually have every right to claim your money back. Maybe more people (that are within warranty) should. Should give Access an extra kick in the ass. ;)

    On another note though, I’ve just come across this, have any of you tried it?…/touch-for-virus-updated/

    I've looked into this and it looks awesome, for toying around it could be fun... but the problem is that you'd need the midi in + out ports of your Virus to connect this to your iPad. Because of this you can't connect your Virus to your DAW at the same time, so you can't use it for actual production/songwriting.

    Loading patches would be awfully slow too since it uses Midi..

    OMG, I just bought macbook pro 16 were Catalina can only be installed, I installed all software and then realized Virus Ti Snow doesn't work. Almost all of my tracks include Virus sound. Can we expect something soon? It is really impossible for me to deal with this since a lot of my tracks are unfinished. Please do something!

    Same situation here. It's been a year now. I don't we can expect an update anymore. I've been in contact with Access support a lot and when asked about the update they've changed their tone from ''we don't have an update at this very moment, to recommending to use the TI as a midi instrument instead.'' This shows me they've given up and are not willing to invest into the TI anymore. On Catalina you can still use the Analog Outs though, although the midi timing is very messy compared to audio via USB. Moving on to MacOS Big Sur, the Virus TI plugin completely ceased working. You can still use the Virus as an actual midi instrument, but this actually causes the hypersaws (one of the major reasons I bought a TI) to sound a lot worse.

    The jitter isn't perfect, or as good as the plug-in - but it's certainly not audible. ...and it may be more related to USB MIDI jitter.

    The huge benefit though, is latency. It's negligible if your interface supports low latency.

    I’m not using USB when using HCvirus so it can’t be related to USB midi.. I also don’t know how you can say the latency is better, it’s exactly the same as with the plugin using the analog outputs..

    And may I ask how you are managing patches in your songs? Can you save a song with HCvirus in it and have it load it up the song’s patches automatically when opening?

    There is actually a Virus library manager called the "Access VirusHC Editor & Librarian" by MysteryIslands Music. Give it a search. Though I have not used it myself, it seems to be a great solution; it also works for old models. :)

    If you haven't used it yourself you aren't really in the position to recommend it. I have tried it. Same midi timing problems and crashes when you try to save a patch. Also can't save patches in your songs.


    I am using my Virus TI in combination with a Presonus Quantum2626 to feed the analog outs back into an aux channel in Logic Pro X.

    Using this interface I managed to get I/O buffer size down to 64. When playing back the midi notes I only have to manually pre delay the notes 6 ms to get them perfectly on beat.

    This works great, until I select or open another (Audio or Instrument) channel.

    When the instrument channel of the Virus TI is not selected, the midi timing of my Virus goes all screwed up. It only goes back to normal when I press stop and select the instrument channel of the Virus TI again. This also happens when using the HCvirus plugin btw. Changing the buffer size make no difference, only the midi jittering gets worse with larger buffer sizes.

    does anyone know how to solve this?

    Here's a video I recorded to show the problem. Youtube Video

    OS: MacOS 10.14.6 Mojave

    DAW: Logic Pro X 10.5.2

    Hardware: Presonus Quantum2626

    And that could be the reason why we still haven't heard anything from Access: Imagine they fix it for Catalina and it breaks again for Big Sur...

    That's not really an excuse for the radio silence we've had last year. I also don't think Access could've anticipated this.. I'm sure Apple's announcements were just as much a surprise to developers.


    Not happy with the idea of a half baked substitite, I still hope for a real TI solution.

    100% Agree!

    Okay so false alarm.

    Don't listen to Ascend. There is literally zero point in using the Virus as a soundcard. Installed or not, this does not influence the capability of using the Virus as a midi instrument. Midi in/out still works wether the software is installed or not. Obviously you can't use the Virus as a midi interface in order to send midi signals to itself.

    You still need a midi + audio interface, preferably one with 6 balanced inputs. (TRS)

    woah woah, wait a minute!!! So the TI plug in doesn't work yeah? But the usb audio DOES? And does the usb midi work? In other words could you set it up as a virtual instrument in Logic then? And does Big Sur recognise all three usb audio outs?

    Yes, USB audio does work. But let’s not cheer too early, the whole plugin simply crashes while validating and judging from the error report it tries to run the plugin as a VM because Apple now deems usage of .kext files unsafe. Since the VC is based around usage of .kext it needs to be largely rewritten probably. Not sure about midi and multiple outs.. I already removed the beta for now tbh..


    As most of ya'll probably know Apple just announced MacOS Big Sur.

    As optimistic as I am I decided to give the Beta a try to see what changed regarding the Virus TI. Unfortunately I am sad to inform you guys that on MacOS Big Sur Beta, The Virus TI software now completely ceased working. The installer can only run by turning off System Integrity and while it does install the VST, VST3 and AU plugins, only AU is actually recognized by plugin validation. I’ve tried this in Studio One and Logic Pro and both just crash while trying to open the plugin. The VST and VST3 version don’t even make it to the validation process.

    Another update: Weirdly enough MacOS Big Sur does still recognize the Virus as an USB audio interface and they've actually fixed audio on the Virus!

    You can now select the Virus as an Audio out in MacOS's Sound settings and it works again. (doing that in Catalina resolved in no sound)

    So it seems like Access wouldn't even have to work on that part. All they need to do is fix the VST, VST3 and AU plugin.

    Due to what Apple are about to do with.... actually I gotta be super careful here, NDA and all that, but... well this bit is out in the public domain already if you know where to look so I can say this much at least. Apple are going to be a little more... forceful shall I say delicately, with prompting customers to move to the latest macOS version.

    This is already in action.. I've pretty much been forced to upgrade to Catalina on my 2018 Mac Mini due to consistent kernel panics. My newer Mac doesn't even support Mojave.

    Let's just hope Access gets their shit together soon because Mojave support is really on it's last legs! Common Access! The ploytec driver is out already so what are we waiting for???