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    If you want some cool Trance stuff, press the search button on your Snow. Look for Percussion sounds. Find some cool hats and claps and kicks. Sample them into your host DAW and then edit them further. Add a little reverb to your claps and a little flanger to your hats.

    Actually, you can do all of those edits directly in the Snow before you sample them.

    I hope that sets you in the right direction!

    madstyle, that is a great idea! After reading your post I thought about how easy this is to do. Here's how...

    1st, Create a cool patch, let's say a lead.
    2nd, Create a different lead that you want it to morph into.
    3rd, (This is the important part) On your first lead patch, in a free Mod Matrix Slot set your Modulation Wheel as the source and the Patch Volume as the Destination. Set the Patch Volume to +63 on your first part. Do all of this again for the second lead, but this time set the Patch Volume in the Mod Matrix slot to -63.
    4th, Create a new Multi Mode setup where you load the first patch into channel one and the second patch into channel 2.
    5th, Set both patches to MIDI Channel 1.

    Now by moving the Modulation Wheel up and down you can cross fade, or morph, between the two patches.

    If you want even more excitement, do this again with pads and such that will create a really cool live effect where you can change or morph between to complex sounds while you are live on stage!

    And for even more of a "Morph", you could set more then just the Patch Volume, you could use cutoff or whatever!

    I 2nd that! I own the TI Keyboard and the next synth I buy will be the TI2 Keyboard. If you take the time to learn how to program, it really is infinite in its power!

    Zylfrax791, or just hold down the shift button and move the Amp Envelope Release Knob. Right under the word "Release" it has the word "Tempo" in red. The shift button is red, too. When you hold down the shift button it will affect the RED TEXT.

    I think the most USB outs you can get is 3, but if you "mono" your sounds and hard pan each channel either left or might be able to get six channels out of it using 3 USB outs. You wouldn't want 8 stereo outs of USB, that is not a good idea. Although it is a fact that USB is faster then Firewire, FW has A LOT more bandwidth. If the Virus were FW, (which would be a bad idea for compatibility reasons) it would handle 8 channels easy, but it's not so it won't and that's a good thing.

    HUBA, did you consider using 2 LFO's? You might be able to use a square waveform LFO to trigger your other LFO for the bar reset. I'll make some patches and experiment with this one.

    kcinsu, I don't think you get it buddy. In Virus Control, right click on the parameter that you want to tweak and then click on add to automation. Now the "CC" in Live is changed to "Filter Cutoff 2". It's not extra work for me, because I have created my default Live Template with ALL AUTOMATION ADDED!!! Would you like me to email you my template buddy?

    Raz is right. Live can't record automation into Sessions view, but I've got WONDERFUL NEWS. I have a contact at Ableton that told me that Max for Live will be released on Monday November 23rd, 2009. One thing Max for Live will allow is Session View Automation!!!!

    I can't wait!!!

    For the next 2 weeks, if you want to draw you automation into Session View, make sure you draw it into the "Virus Control Track", not the individual MIDI track.

    kcinsu, it's easy. My default template is as follows...

    1. Create 16 MIDI tracks.

    2. Drop Virus Control into the blank area to create the 17th track. Rename this track Virus TI.

    3. All MIDI Tracks should route MIDI From - All channels.

    4. Your MIDI Track 1 should route MIDI To - Virus TI, but below that route to channel 1. MIDI Track 2 should route to "2" and so forth.

    5. By default Virus Control will automatically have a CC build for all channels Filter Cutoff 1, Volume, Softknob 1, Softknob 2 & Softknob 3.

    6. When you want to tweak Filter Cutoff 1 on the Virus' 4th Part or Channel, you simply go to Arrangement View, Arm the Track named Virus TI, ON THE VIRUS HARDWARE SCROLL TO PART 4, Arm the Global Record, press play and tweak to your hearts delight.

    7. Last thing to know: If you wanted to tweak lets say the Filter Cutoff 2 on part 7...YOU HAVE TO CREATE THE CC IN LIVE. To do this, in Virus Control select part 7. Click on the filter tab on the top on Virus Control. Right click on Filter Cutoff 2 and click add to Automation. Now Live will allow you to record tweaks on Filter Cutoff 2 part 7.

    kcinsu, I hope this helps you out!!!! :)

    HUBA, I read the post at

    I use Live too. I used to have the same problem, but I have your fix. It's not the TI, it's Live.

    If you have a one bar loop in Session View in Live, the LFO will always reset on the bar. There are 2 solutions to your problem.

    1. Make the Loop the number of measures that your LFO cycle is .i.e.: copy your 1 bar pattern 3 times to make your clip 4 bars if your LFO is 4 bars long.

    2. Leave it alone and Record your clips into Arrangement view. Once in Arrangement view, they should cycle right.

    Does that help?

    You can do this... If you want a long cycle, just set it to 1/1 clock time. If you want a shorter of longer clock, just set your LFO to mono and hold the note for one measure.

    I actually work in the music retail business, and one important thing I've learned over the years is...


    It took a long time for Vista to be compatible with both Hardware and Software. It's kind of a crappy deal, but if you upgrade your Windows Operating System you have to be VERY patient as the good folks at Microsoft like to add all kinds of new code that needs to be debugged against your studio.

    My advice is to use an older Windows OS, like XP... OR ...use Mac OS X, which is very friendly to music studios.

    I agree, but also add a Low EQ gain at about 110hz with 9db gain. Also add a 1/4 clocked delay and some light reverb to get that awesome old Acid sound. And if you really want that filter to squelch, put a bandpass filter on the 2nd filter cutoff and keep it's value at 0. Put on hefty res on cutoff 2 and put the cutoff filter balance at around *50 toward cutoff 1!!!

    I :love: 303's!!!!!

    Will all the current and future versions of Virus Control have the Polar/Snow look? Before 3.0 it had that awesome TI Keyboard look. Not a big deal or a problem, I just thought the old school look was awesome.