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    I would like to chime in and refocus on what seemed to be the original thought behind this thread to make the sounds on a Virus TI...

    Someone else mentioned that experimenting with your synth is how you really will understand it. With that said, I would recommend that you start by understanding and playing with the key ingredients for growling Dubstep / Techstep Drum N Bass type sounds...

    Main Sound
    1. Heavy use of the Ring Modulator.
    2. A good basic sub type oscillator like a tri waveform.
    3. Modulation of squares with pulse wave modulation (lightly).
    4. Use high pass filters.
    5. Tweak the vowel filter.

    Combined With Sub Patch
    1. Don't wobble the sub, just let it carry the same note an octave or two below the main sound.

    That's how I make DnB least for the kinda of sounds you might be looking for. Remember that with synthesizers there is no "right way" to make sounds only a "wrong way". What I mean by that is that if your sound is not exactly the same as someone else's, don't worry about it and just have fun expanding on YOUR sound pal.

    I hope that helps.

    If I remember correctly, you can set the expression pedal to any CC. I have mine set to control Filter 1 Cutoff level as my default. What I think you are looking for is this:

    Set it up as modulation and then set modulation as your source in your matrix. This will allow you to bypass the modulation knob and use your foot pedal instead. This also works great because so many of the patches have a nice setting on the modulation knob.

    The issue is the Virus TI only has 3 stereo USB outs. If you pan the 3 USB channels you could get up to 6 mixes. It sounds to me like you are running all 16 channels out of the same main output which would make any VST effects you drop on it have the effect on all of your Virus' internal channels. What you have to do is go to your patch confit and tell every patch which output to use and them create 2 or 4 more audio channels that are inputing from the main Virus TI channel.

    Whatever. Go ahead and have a pessimistic attitude about it. I had issues with my system setup crashing on first. Then I started to read the forums, give feedback to Access about Betas and did the required tweaks. Now my system is running very smooth because I went through those growing pains. It's not fair to Access for you to call them unprofessional because they always respond to help inquires and are always developing features that users have requested. I would say this to anyone having issues with their system: Post your actual issue in the forum and not the grip.

    If you personally attack me in this forum I'll report you to Access Music forum moderators. I have not attacked you personally, but I've been only critical of your inaccurate assessment of a great company due to your actual failure to allow others to help you get your system working seemlessly.