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    Ah, I see. Doubt that's possible though :S

    Btw, I contacted Access support with this question, and they replied with what I already know (and have explicitly stated that I know it and am looking for another solution) - that I can use Program Change on the global channel, etc. Doh :P

    Tarekith, I believe you just need to send the Program Change message on the corresponding MIDI channel
    (assuming the part has "Program Change enabled" in Multi Edit menu).

    Is there a SysEx command for changing Multis in Multi mode?
    I can enable "Multi program change" and send a program change message, but this changes the Multi and the patch on whatever part happens to use the Global MIDI channel. Of course I can use MIDI channel 16 as the global - I never use all 16 parts anyway - but it's still a workaround; sysex would be The Right Way to do it ;)

    Aether, thanks for your reply.

    The Virus can't be slaved over SPDIF, thats fact.

    Well, if it has the option to be slaved, it should work properly, shouldn't it? I'm going to record an example of the artifacts and ask Access support. Anyway, good to know it's not only my unit's fault.


    You can still slave your clock to the Virus, in other words is your Virus the masterclock and all other devices receives its clock-signal.

    I tried slaving my soundcard to the Virus, but it didn't work - as in, I got no sound at all.


    Alternative you can use VC and slave your Virus to your sequencer over USB.

    I mostly use VC in Live mode, so I still need to connect Virus' outputs (digital or analog) to the soundcard. Or do you mean the USB connection provides an external clock for the Virus?


    Your sequencer should be slaved to your soundcard.

    What do you mean by that? AFAIK, the sequencer tells the soundcard what sample rate it wants to use (I stick to 44.1 btw) and then just keeps feeding it audio buffers. With all this happening automatically, how can I "slave" it?

    Hi Boris,
    However, I have to use it via S/P-DIF when not in sequencer mode because all the analog inputs on my Fireface are occupied.

    Same here - I'm out of analog inputs on the Ultralite. Also, S/PDIF is less hassle to plug and unplug - just 1 stereo RCA cable instead of 4 mono TS :D

    My solution: As long as I'm just playing the TI2 outside a DAW, I slave my Fireface to the TI2 (Fireface clock mode set to "Auto sync", so it's NOT the master). It then works perfectly.

    Unfortunately, the Ultralite does not have an "auto sync" mode, and in "external sync" mode, it won't work unless the Virus is plugged in - no good for me since the Virus regularly goes out to rehearsals and gigs.

    Anyway, this seems like a real problem. I wonder if Access intend to address it in a future OS update, or is it some inherent design flaw?

    Hi all!
    I'm connecting Virus TI (desktop) to the S/PDIF input of Motu Ultralite mk3, and the Ultralite's S/PDIF output to Virus' input. AFAIK, in this configuration the Virus should be slaved to the soundcard's clock - however, when I select clock source "Auto", I'm getting a nasty digital distortion. It occurs on any sound (more noticeable on simple ones, like a single osc set to sine wave) and goes away when I switch the clock to "Internal" - but then the S/PDIF input on the Virus stops working! so it's not a solution either. I don't know if the Ultralite's clock is somehow "bad", or the Virus in general has problems with being slaved to external clock? What can I do to fix this situation?

    Could this be related to USB connection? I seem to remember that everything was fine when I wasn't using VC, but it's been a while and I need to confirm this.


    To the OP - yeah, I also thought of my Virus when I saw this video.
    This is like Atomizer taken one step further. Having such effect in hardware would be killer.