Using MIDI keyboard with Virus TI & VC - Huge latency!

  • Hi guys,

    I have had my Virus for about a year now and I am still unsure of how to set this up. I have Ableton Suite 8 and use Virus Control to draw in automation / notes etc to play on my Virus. All I want to do is use the MIDI keyboard that I use for my other synths to record a MIDI part that will play back on the Virus, but it adds such a huge amount of latency that it is impossible.

    I am sure that I must be doing something wrong otherwise everyone would be complaining. Is it possible to use an external MIDI keyboard to play a TI Desktop through Virus control and have it feel like it is playing instantly, like the keyboard is part of the Virus?

    If you have yours working in this way, I would truly appreciate some details of how you set it up. 8)

    Thanks a lot,


  • Had the same problem. And finally abandonned the whole VC thing and came back to traditionnal MIDI and the analog outputs, with a Max4Live patch for automation purposes.

    Read my conclusion here : A librarian ...

    VC is good for some sound design, but for live gigs, record and research, its better to avoid it. I just feel a bit fooled by Access about the "Total Integration" marketing feature, but it's compensated by the pleasure I have using it in a traditional MIDI / multi way and by the sound quality it have.