Impulse Factory - Virus Infection / Synthetic Solutions Access Virus Ti Soundset

  • Hi,

    Anyone here got these soundsets? are they any good?

    [*]Impulse Factory Virus Infection
    [*]Synthetic Solutions Access Virus Ti Soundset
    [*]Kamui Soundset II

  • Hi Erol, copying my reply posted on Here are some feedback I received on a couple of sites Nuskoolbreaks, Dogsonacid and Bangingtunes for the Synthetic Solutions Virus Ti soundset.

    Mark Schema - I picked this up the other day some wicked sounds, still trying to get my head round how you did the transformer one

    James Taff - these are the dogs danglies. absolutely awesome!!! 2 free sample packs too. absolute bargain. cheers for these dude makes music making proper exciting!!!

    Felun - just bought it...loads of good stuff

    Jay Turner - Purchased. F#in fat as f##k sounds and hopefully give me the inspiriation to learn the f##er for myself as i kinda forgot how good it really is

    Audiologist- bought your soundset the other day, good stuff!

    Ben Townsend - The virus presets are awesome

    Currently in the top 10 of overall downloads in

    Audio Demo and Available from

    Also, if you purchase any of our products on producerloops you can choose an extra 2 sample packs for free!!