Logic Crashes When I Create New Project. Figured Virus TI Vst Is Not Loading In the Connection.

  • Title pretty much saids everything, everytime when i re-create a new project. i mean like Command N, and select the template that i made that has the virus ti loaded in there. logic just stops responding, until i have to force quit it. seems like there is a problem with the VST communicating with the virus, the the loading ring on virus VST is not moving.

    for exsample
    1. i am working on a project at the moment that have virus ti and a few other vsts going. i decided i want to start a new project.
    2. i press command N and select my template that has all the vsts already loaded. so i don't have to load it again.
    3. logic just stops responding, due to the virus ti VST not loading connection to the virus.
    4. which costs me to force quit logic.
    5. start up load and it works fine again.

    is this a bug, have anyone have this problem. it's very annoying.
    can someone please help
    thanks in advance ?(

  • Oh i am sorry logic doesn't use VST's instead it uses Audio Units. Ruari, why be so strict of a small problem such as my typo. the whole point of this is to solve the problem. not to correct me on my typing mistake. if you can't help to fix my problem please just STFU, and let the people that knows how to help or even willing to help, to try. Ruari grow the F*** up.

    Marc and maxim_porges thanks for you input.
    logic didn't really crash until i force quit it. when start my new template in logic the virus ti software is on the screen and when it's trying to connect with the Virus ti it just stops. so the loading ring on the Virus TI program won't move at all, and it'll stay like that for a longest time until i force quit it.

    i'll try to get a crash log up tonight.

    thanks guys