Virus TI VC I've tried everything but have not found solution, that is what happens!!!

  • hi marc desperate I am writing because I've tried everything for my virus TI USB function properly, and I have not got, and do not know if my computer is, the VC audio drivers, or my virus is broken below I explain everything I've done:

    my computer is:
    amd phenom 3.2 II 955 Mhz
    M4A785TD-v asus evo
    Kingston DDR3 1800MHz 4GB ram @ 1333mhz
    POWER SUPPLY 600w nox
    2 hard disk 500GB sata 2 seagate 7200rpm
    sapphire ati 5450 graphics card passive
    sound card scope 14dsp soniccore
    cubase 5.1.1

    I installed the VC in Windows 7 32 and 64 bit using the full integration or sound card soniccore (VIRUS IN MY SOUND CARD), I installed a separate trareta usb2 pci via chipset, then a pci-e chipset USB3 nec, I changed the usb cable and then connected the virus directly into the motherboard USB, and always with the same result:

    unsynchronized sound (sometimes sync) and you hear cracks and pops in complex sounds with LFOs and arps, when you automate the track of the virus to move through the example the cutoff is heard more cracks and pops, also when installing for the first time sound driver is very poor quality and restart my computer sounds sound means well ..... etc

    I need a solution to all this (besides using it for midi cables)

    want to use my USB virus please !!!!!!!

  • I also forgot I changed the latency of the virus to 128, 256 and 512 samples, and everything was the same

  • Sadly, having just bought the Virus TI Desktop this Saturday, I can only confirm this behaviour on my setup.

    I'm a software developer, so I tend to think I know my way around.

    I'm running Win 7 64bit, i7 950 with 12 GB 1600's, soundcard used is a Liquid Saffire 56, I have a 1020W power supply, the Virus is connected to a powered USB Hub.