Use Gaming Controllers as Moving XY Pannels for Effects

  • ...yes im talking about using the game controllers as those Touch Pads (ex. the Orb from Spectrsonics Omnisphere) ...i have an Xbox 360 controller and would be nice to use it for making music aswell be able to assign different knobs for an XY movement ...and the controller has 2 moving XY knobs ...hope someone will understand what i mean, but imagine controlling 4 knows like that ...could be effects, evelopes, mod matrix stuff or oscilator morphing ... :love: would be AWESOME!

  • Programs that let you do this probably already exist - I know that FL Studio will let you use a game controller as an input to their X-Y controller... then all you have to do is organise the MIDI data properly and you are away...

  • If you wanted to make your own, you'd just need some basic electronics experience, and a serial-to-MIDI converter of some kind (perhaps an Arduino-based setup or a MIDIbox).

    Pick up a copy of the books "Make: Electronics" and "Making Things Talk" to get some ideas. I was a total electronics noob this time last year, but I built both an Arduinome and a SammichSID last year after reading about 60% of these two books:

  • If you are on a mac and can specify what you're using I could make that for you as long as you use something that can be recognized as a HI device, I've done similar things with apple trackpad, McAlly airstick and wimotes, for plain live use without a computer that would be just a little bit more of a challenge, but I'm sure I can figure that out as well

    just send me a mail at llumen [at] me [dot] com